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Smashwords book reviews by Allison Perkins

  • The Accidental Siren on Sep. 14, 2012

    Absolutely incredible. From the very first page it's deeply engaging, exciting, fun, mystical and whimsical. It's contemplative and introspective (even long after it's done.) The book is deftly eerie and beautifully twisted; there is a perfect mesh of serenity and hysteria. Every detail of every character has a purpose, every theme and motif is so effortlessly intertwined in the rope that is this book-- every fiber of that rope is one whole piece that can be traced back; not one string is cut or frayed. In other words, this book is brilliant and ittook my breath away. If you don't read it, you're really missing out on something great.
  • Put the Cat In the Oven Before You Describe the Kitchen on Sep. 14, 2012

    This book is SO incredibly helpful! It's simple, straightforward and easy to understand without talking down to you. I love that this practical, non-fiction book on writing is somehow also witty and hilarious. Vander Ark confronts common issues that people run into all the time when trying to write, and I've never read a writing book that explained things so well. This book is perfect for beginning writing all the way up to advanced. After reading this, I will buy every book Vander Ark ever writes.