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Smashwords book reviews by Allyson Wilson

  • Ana and the House Are One-A Novel of Horror on April 19, 2011

    House of the Matriarch (ISBN#: 978-1-4581-8492-4) explores the relationships of Anna and her five granddaughters. Anna, who made her living as a fortune teller, calls all of her grandchildren back to the house they visited during the summers of their childhood for the reading of her will, and then a seance. As the story progresses the women learn more about each other and themselves as they try to uncover the mystery behind their grandmother's disappearance. Set in Southwest Louisiana, House of the Matriarch has a smart, sexy, gritty tone that pulls the reader in quickly. At times comedic, sensual, and horrific, it is engaging and entertaining from start to finish.
  • Sometimes a Cigar on July 17, 2011

    Admittedly, as a woman I did not expect to understand or enjoy Sometimes A Cigar. While there were a few choice parts about male anatomy I couldn't relate to (thank God) the story kept me laughing, sometimes out loud, from beginning to end. A man in his late thirties has a fight with his 22 year old girlfriend and wakes up the next morning missing a rather important piece of anatomy. From the frantic (and hilarious) search for the missing twig and berries to the Hispanic neighbor, Lucy, who thinks he's an angel, this story is a fast moving and witty gem. Highly recommended.
  • Party of the First Part on Aug. 12, 2011

    A middle aged writer finds himself in a bit of a predicament when Cindy Wier shows up on his doorstep, sent from an insurance company that has insured his HANDS. From it's darkly humorous start to the sexy, sweet finish this story had me literally laughing out loud as this man is thwarted at every attempt he makes to use his hands by Cindy, his overly cautious hand protector. Short, sharp, an smart; Party of the First Part is definitely worth a read.