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Almir Zalihić was born in Mostar in 1960. He graduated from the Faculty of Literature, and has published poetry, prose, essays and literary reviews in newspapers and periodicals since 1980. He creates anthologies, and is also present in textbooks, anthologies by other authors, and collections of the best literary works. He has edited and adapted hundreds of books by other authors, and was Editor-in-Chief of the periodicals Život (Life), and Mak. He is a member of the Association of Writers in BiH and Editor-in-Chief of the Publishing House Zalihica. He currently lives in Sarajevo.

Published books
- Suhi žig. Priče. 1989. (Dry Stamp. Stories)
- Raseljeno lice. Poezija. 1993. (Displaced Person. Poetry. 1993)
- Raseljeno lice i druge pjesme. Poezija. 1994. (Displaced Person and Other Poems. Poetry. 1994)
- Antologija savremene književnosti Bošnjaka iz Sandžaka (zajedno s Nurom Sadikovićem) 1998. (Anthology of Contemporary Literature of Bosniaks from Sandzak [co-authored by Nuro Sadikovic]) 1998.
- Pogled iznutra. Eseji. 1999. (The View from Inside. Essays. 1999)
- Raseljeno lice i drukčije pjesme. Poezija. 2000. (Displaced Person and Different Poems. Poetry. 2000)
- Antologija savremene poezije Bošnjaka iz Sandžaka, 2000. (Anthology of Contemporary Poetry of Bosniaks from Sandzak, 2000)
- Antologija savremene poezije Bošnjaka iz Sandžaka.(II izdanje) 2001. (Anthology of Contemporary Poetry of Bosniaks from Sandzak. Second edition. 2001)
- Sasvim obična smrt. Roman. 2002. (Quite a Simple Death. Novel. 2002)
- Porodični album. Poezija za djecu i omladinu, 2003. (Family Album. Poetry for Children and Youth. 2003)
- Rječnik sumnji. Poezija, 2005. (The Dictionary of Suspicion. Poetry. 2005)
- Gospodari balansiranja /Antologija savremene proze Bošnjaka iz Sandžaka/. 2006. (Masters of Balancing/Anthology of Contemporary Prose of Bosniaks from Sandzak. 2006)
- Imaju li zvijezde domovinu. Priče. 2007. (Do Stars Have a Homeland? Stories. 2007)
- Iskorak iz muka. Eseji, kritike. 2010. (Stepping out from Pain. Essays, reviews. 2010)
- Lucida Calligaphy. Poezija. 2010. (Lucida Calligaphy. Poetry. 2010)
- Polovina pređašnjeg svijeta. Poezija. 2011 (Half a World from Before. Poetry. 2011)
- Camera obscura. Poezija. 2012. (Camera Obscura. Poetry. 2012)
Published Textbooks
- Čitanka za 6. razred osnovne škole (zajedno sa Željkom Grahovcem). Sarajevo 2003. (Text book for Primary 6 [co-authored by Zeljko Grahovac)
- Čitanka za 6. razred osnovne škole (Textbook for Primary 6)


Pearl Medicine
Price: $3.00 USD. Words: 7,930. Language: English. Published: June 25, 2017 by Style Writes Now. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Animals
A pearl was produced by a very rare river shell, and that pearl contained a magic ingredient used to make medicine for unknown illnesses.

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