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  • The Ember Gods (Kilenya Series, 2) on Feb. 15, 2012

    While I helped in the editing process, I probably should not write a review. But Smashwords keeps telling me that I owe them a review for my having bought the book from them, so I'll accede to their wishes. The journal pages at the beginning of each chapter of the "Key of Kilenya" are ommited in "The Ember Gods"; yet there are links that tie us into Jacob and the underlying history of both volumes. By the end of the novel, we will understand much better Jacob's history as well as how his family ties into the people of Eklaron. For Valentine's Day (I was hoping to obtain the books for Christmas but was not able to) I gave a copy of the "Key" to each of the families of my five children. It was a gift with a stipulation that if they read (and enjoy) this first novel, I will give them the follow up ("The Ember Gods". Both novels really have elements of motivation to continue reading for both my teen-age grandsons, as well as to my granddaughters. Before we left Denver, headed for Missouri three days ago midst a heavy mid-west snow storm, my twelve-year-old granddaughter reported to me that she had started the first novel (The Key of Kilenya) and that she loved it. I told her that she will like even more The Ember Gods, because it will have more motivation for a teenager to read and because girls will enter into the fiction. Jacob is torn between his own desire to make the basketball team as a sophomore (I have four or five grandsons in this predicament) and to help the citizens of Eklaron, which he got to know, to work with, and to trust in "Key" with an overwhelming problem that they face. A mysterious key was stolen from them in the first novel; in the second, it serves him well to be transported magically from place to place, if he learns to use it wisely and correctly. Both are novels which will appeal to both boys and girls; and I find that many adults will love it too. I have read both "Key" and "The Ember Gods" in great detail three times, and will read them both again as I help the author, Andrea Pearson, in the copy-editing process. Also available starting on Valentines in Kindle format, from Amazon.com, is a spin-off short story by Andrea: "Samara." I'm sure that soon it will also be available from Smashwoords. --Lon Pearson