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  • Claimed: Book 1 in the Brides of the Kindred on Aug. 10, 2011

    This was my first purchase on Smashwords and I was very happy with the decision to buy. The characters are fully developed, the plot is imaginative and flowing, and the sex scenes are exceptionally well written.
  • Atlantean's Quest 1: The Arrival (Atlantean's Quest Stranded Alien Series) on Oct. 03, 2011

    I thought that the writing was outstanding in this book and unlike many of Ms. Summers' contemporary peers, she does not throw in awkward gratuitous sex scenes. Instead, she uses her talents to build excitement and intrigue in both the characters and the reader. After reading the first book, I subsequently bought the rest of the series and would encourage any reader interested in paranormal or sci-fi erotica to give it a read. You won't be disappointed.
  • Hunted--Book 2 Brides of the Kindred on Oct. 03, 2011

    I found the storyline in this novel to be quite compelling. I'm a fan of the entire series, but was especially surprised by this book. From the beginning of the series, Sophia was my least favorite character. Her mousy demeanor and reserved nature were not what I expected in a protagonist. But the author turned my perception of this character completely around by the middle of this book. That's not an easy task, but I'm glad for it.
  • Sought...Book 3 in the Brides of the Kindred Series on Oct. 03, 2011

    This is, so far, my favorite book of the series. It was not only well written, but unique and captivating. She not only pushed the boundaries of this genre with the twins, but trampled all over them...and as a reader, I am thankful for it. This is an exceptional piece of writing in and of itself. I find myself reading it over and over.