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Operated by The Altar Adlar Company, Atmosphere & Hemisphere Publishing is a new-breed publisher of barrier-breaking books from the Light side of life, creating the right atmosphere for authors and enabling/empowering them across the divide of the hemisphere here and there. We publish books by rising stars such as:

Igwe "Jeans" Ogbukah
Tagged the "Writer of Light" by those who know and love him best for letting the light shine and for favoring the Light side of things, born on the second day of November, the day the world agrees to designate as All Souls’ Day or Day of the Dead (Living) to commemorate the dead since the 11th century, Jeans writes more on what is often described as Religious/Christian Fiction and here tells you some things about life and death, about the dead. He has started an industry blog on "Ancient, Modern and Future of God, Priest Kings & the World Orders" at http://JeansKings.wordpress.com. He shines light on the two true perspectives of existence, Seen and Unseen, enabling many to get a better grasp of what's really going on, un-blinding many to things not seen but remain the action source of our reactions.
His interests include Enterprise, Faith and Worship, Parties, Education and of course Writing. Just like you, he loves to wear jeans, blue jeans especially, and though single still, would love to have twin daughters when the time is right.

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