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  • Uncontrollable (Book 2: The Nature of Grace series) on Sep. 20, 2012

    Uncontrollable picks up about 3 months after Untraceable left off. If you haven't read Untraceable yet, you will really want to before your read Uncontrollable. Grace is still recovering from her summer tragedy. After her father disappeared, she was determined to find him, and in the process met an awesome hottie named Mo, was attacked by a poacher named Al, and infiltrated a bear poaching criminal ring. She did find her father, who everyone thought was dead, only to lose him again. To add to the tragedy, she was also told that her new love, Mo, was killed in the firefight that took place. Her best friend Wyn was so upset with her for lying to him that he refused to speak to her, and now 3 months later, he still doesn't acknowledge her presence. He is just all hung up on his girlfriend Skyler, who hangs all over him, literally. To top it off, the whole town acts like they blame Grace and are mad at her, instead of being proud of her for helping to bust up the poaching operation. Forced to sit behind Wyn and Skyler in class and suppress her gag reflex, Grace is excited to see her friend Agent Sweeny from the US Fish and Wildlife Service enter and begin to tell the class about a new program for endangered wolves called The Red Wolfe Reintroduction Program. Agent Sweeny offers anyone in the class who wants to, the chance to participate. Much to everyone's surprise, considering everything she had been through, Grace was the first to volunteer. She knew it was time to get back into the woods. She was, after all, her father's daughter. Needles to say, this got Wyn's attention, and he also volunteered, then Skyler volunteered as well, along with three other from the class. Despite concerns from her mom and grandmother, Grace embarks upon this new adventure with a fresh perspective, looking forward to moving from the past into the future. Even though Al, the thug that tried to kill her, had escaped, she still felt she would be safe in the group. As it turns out, the danger that Grace faces is far more dangerous that the wolves she encounters, the question is, can she survive this time around? I really loved Uncontrollable. It takes place, again, in the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, this time in the midst of a very harsh winter. I love Grace. She is a kick-butt heroine, and she is real. Shelli has done an outstanding job of writing and developing her character, as well as the other characters in the book. Once Wyn got his butt off his shoulders, I really enjoyed him to. We are introduced to several new characters in this book, and as events unfold and the mystery begins to unravel, you are held on the edge of your seat trying to figure out who is involved and who isn't. There are some intense and life threatening situations, but there is also humor injected into the mix in just the right proportion. Lost friendships are recovered and tested, old fears are faced and replaced with new ones, and people, things, and places, from both the past and present, are not what they seem. Filled with action, adventure, mystery, danger, romance, and big surprises, S. R. Johannes has written an outstanding sequel to the first book in her Nature of Grace series, and I am really looking forward to the third installment.
  • Project Five Fifteen #3 - Becoming on Nov. 27, 2013

    The Project Five Fifteen Series is one of those series that will take up permanent residence in your memory and I have to say that it is a bittersweet moment because though I am thrilled with being able to read the final installment, I am also sad to see it end. Samantha Summers has done an outstanding job in creating a series that will capture your attention, and each book in the trilogy just gets better and better. Becoming is no exception, and Summers has once again outdone herself in providing an exceptional novel that will grip your emotions and attention from cover to cover. Project Five Fifteen is a story that centers around a group of badass young assassins and a girl name Ronnie Rose. Kalen, Ace, Denver and several other boys were part of a government run program (Project Five Fifteen) where the boys were trained to be ruthless, professional, and perfect assassins from a young age, 4 or 5 until age 16. They managed to escape and have been on the run and in hiding for the past 5 or so years, and have been constantly pursued by the agency since their escape, with quite a few of them having been murdered by the agency. For every boy that was killed, however, they took probably ten times that many corrupt agency soldiers with them. Becoming picks up where As You Were leaves off. The boys and Ronnie have suffered the loss of two of the team members (and the boys are like brothers), which has left them devastated. Kalen has made the decision with the support of the other boys to stop running and go to the source, taking Barker and the agency down once and for all. The story picks up with the group now in America, planning to do just that, and they are in the process of searching for and recruiting other boys who also escaped with them to help. Believe me that isn't an easy task and provides for some intense situations. Kalen is bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders, much of which revolves around his need to keep Ronnie safe, and in the process is pulling away emotionally from Ronnie more and more. Ronnie has a life-changing secret that she is trying to find away to tell Kalen about, but hasn't found "the right time" yet. A unforeseen circumstance arises and she is forced to make the secret known to Kalen, after which something happens to change the whole dynamic of everything that is and has gone on, and in the process, Ronnie has to face the fact that this may be something that drives a wedge between Kalen and her forever. As the story progresses and the details of the planned attack come together, more secrets are revealed, old friends and relationships resurface, lives are threatened, and everyone realizes what they are willing to do and willing to sacrifice for those they love and care about. This culminates in a epic battle that tests everything they all believe in, resulting in the ultimate sacrifice for some, and the promise of freedom for others. Becoming is an action packed, heart-stopping, thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat, causing you to feel like you are hanging on by your fingertips at times, and then turned upside down and hanging on with the tips of your toes at other times. If I had to compare this series to something, it would be the Jason Borne movies, and trust me when I say Jason Borne doesn't have anything on Kalen and his crew. I have so enjoyed getting to know Ronnie and Kalen while watching their relationship and love develop over the course of the series. The romance aspect of the story adds so much to the overall theme. It has been so rewarding to watch all the characters grow and change over the course of the series. Ronnie has developed into quite the heroine herself, and with the help of the boys, can now hold her own very well when necessary. Of all the boys, Ace is my favorite, and I would love to see a spin-off series where we get to see more of him, as well as Denver. I truly connected on a deep level with Kalen, Ronnie, and Ace as well. The other secondary characters were also very well written and played integral roles in the story, and were also well fleshed out. We get to meet several new boys in Becoming also, as well as see some of the old arch nemeses that we saw in the previous books reappear again with a vengeance. I loved the ending. It was just perfect. I can't tell you enough what a wonderful series this is. The Project Five Fifteen Series, including this last installment, Becoming, is filled with suspense, action, romance, intense battle scenes, conspiracy, murder, and is absolutely thrilling. I thoroughly enjoyed it and most definitely recommend it. You won't be disappointed. I can't wait to see what Samantha Summers has in store for us in the future.