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  • The Tradition of Cheating at the Sport of Kings on April 12, 2012
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    It took courage to write this book. The information should be made more known in the general public and those connections in the business should help by coming in to verify the problems in this struggling sport, loved by many. If this doesn't happen the sport will die from the vampire behavior of the rules breakers. Attention to all connections: IF you are not a part of the solution to problems you ARE, by default, a part of the problem and thereby helping the demise of a wonderful sport. All must work together to find solutions that will strengthen. The rules must be; developed further, made clear, and strictly followed. MOST of all there needs to be some entity that stands behind the rules, just as there is in NASCAR, GP-Formula 1, etc. ALL of these organizations transcend State and even National boundaries. Why can't the several forms of equine racing achieve this? Can The Jockey Club do this for Thoroughbred Racing?