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  • Bridesmaid Lotto on May 29, 2011

    Review of giveaway ebook Josie is entering into a contest to become a bridesmaid for celebrity wedding by her mother. After winning she is then throw into the world of fame, fashion and paparazzi. She enters into a romance with Jake a film star and brother to the groom. This was a light, frothy, fun and enjoyable novel.
  • Death After Midnight on Oct. 02, 2011

    Review of member giveaway eBook This was a very unusual book. Set in the future it has several strands that run through until the end of the book when they meet. There is Investigator Jaared Sen; a blind, one hundred and seventy year old enhanced cop. Stel, a female researcher and agent. Emile, an antique Dealer with a secret. All involved with the mysterious Secret society of the Priory of Scion and their treasure. Add in vampires and demons and it pretty much covers all genres. It was ambitious, and if flawed at times, it was definitely an entertaining read. I would recommend it as a fun addition to the cannon with enough strange quirks to keep you reading.