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Amanda Wone McHugh is a psychic medium. She has been seeing spirits and angels, predicting future events, and talking to our deceased loved ones since childhood. She has predicted all manner of events from death, illness, pregnancies, weather, and terrorist bombings.
Amanda is also a trained psychologist, counsellor, songwriter, poet, dancer, photographer, filmmaker and dedicated mother, wife and friend.
Amanda lives in the hinterlands of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia, with her Irish singer-songwriter husband, Mick McHugh and her two children, Kia and Orin, a little old lady doggie named Sparkles and the feline managers of the house, Minty and Little Kitty.
Amanda grew up in the cane paddocks and beaches of Far North Queensland, Australia. Her father’s heritage is Asian and her mother’s family are English/Irish. She is from a very large family and grew up in a multicultural environment - her father’s parents were Muslims and her mother’s parents were Catholic/Methodist.
Amanda always felt that spirituality was not to be found in any doctrine or building, but in your heart and mind and your own relationship with the sacred and spiritual that you could sense and feel within you and all around you. She could feel God in everything and everyone. Her father once said that he felt being kind to others was his spirituality. This felt right to her too.
Since she was a young girl she dreamed of writing books that would help others, she didn’t know how she would do that, but in her mind’s eye she saw that she would write many books that would help others and help make the world a better place.

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