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Smashwords book reviews by amanda twomey

  • Quantum Self Hypnosis on Dec. 15, 2011

    This is my new favorite book of all time! I have read several self-hypnosis books in the past and I got to tell you that this book by Jo Ana Starr is by far the best one, period. Jo Ana Starr is brilliant! She explains everything clearly and in a way anyone can easily understand and put the methods to use. She covers a wide array of topics to help with weight loss, quitting smoking, stress, just to name a few. The content in the book is highly detailed and well thought out and at the same time is extremely simple and easy to read, with is perfect for the average reader in mind and not just people who PhD degrees and such. Furthermore I have to honestly say that after reading this book I now have a completely different outlook on everything I do and how to accomplish important goals in my life, and I know anyone else who reads this great book will feel the same way. And also offered with the book, on the book`s website, there is a totally free self –hypnosis session that is worth $59. This is offered to all the readers of this most excellent book, so if you are thinking about buying this book than don`t delay, start improving your life right now. This book is a must buy and is a perfect as gift for anyone in mind, and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who wants to dramatically improve their life, in so many ways.
  • Weight Loss Self Hypnosis - Quick & Easy on Jan. 27, 2012

    Outstanding results! really works This amazing book has changed my life! I have to admit I have always struggled with my weight, and after years of trying different diet plans, diet medication, and even tried to exercise, but every attempt my willpower failed me and i simply could not drop the weight. I was given this book by a close friend of mine, and let me tell you at first I was very skeptical about using hypnosis to help with my weight problem, but I couldn't be more wrong in my assumption. This book is very easy to read and understand, and the step by step hypnosis techniques were amazing easy to learn, use and master, even for someone who has no past experience with self-hypnosis as myself. I am very much looking forward to starting my own self-hypnosis program, and after reading this book I am very grateful and really appreciate guidance it offers