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Gayle has embraced a life of adventure and insight. Her engineering degree from Clemson University led to a world traveling career in telecommunications. Yet, even as a scientist there weren't enough answers for the meaning of life. An aborted takeoff led to a different course - one to understand not only herself, but the meaning of life and her purpose in it. Eventually the muse arrived to write of her mystical journeys.

Gayle earned a MA in religion from the University of Georgia where she immersed herself in various traditions and became adept at meditation. She studied in depth with two master teachers - one a Buddhist monk and one a Sufi. After serving as meditation faculty for the Omega Institute, her first book Transformative Meditation was published by Llewellyn International.

In further pursuit of the world's mysteries, travels to Mexico, Peru, Egypt, France, Italy, Great Britain, Singapore, Burma, and Canada led to exotic backdrops for her esoteric writing and wisdom. Meanwhile she provides a local online forum for the arts and politics for her community.

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