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Smashwords book reviews by Katrina Hough

  • Putsch on Feb. 09, 2012

    Interesting plot with creative characters whose lives have unknowingly been intertwined for years. The twists are believable and interesting. I have to wonder if there is a sequel in the writing because the book ended with the a lot of balls still in the air. There are a few typos, nothing that really detracted from the story. A couple of times the conversations between the main characters seemed stiff or contrived. All in all a nice way to spend the evening relaxing, enjoying a good book. I do hope there is more of these two working coming soon.
  • Maggie Undercover on March 13, 2012

    Elysa Hendricks creates a delightfully sweet love story in Counterfeit Love. As a private investigator, Maggie McCade infiltrates a small town high school to find a computer hacker for the local soft ware company. In the process of ferreting out the culprit she encounters Jared, the hunky math teacher. Torn between the magnetism of their attraction and her job, she sets out to prove his innocence only to find damning evidence on his home computer. Twists and turns abound as Mad Maggie winds her way into the heart of Jared and his little girl. Counterfeit Love is a real page turner, it was really hard to put down as Ms. Hendricks creates a beautifully descriptive and romantic love story.
  • Kade's Dark Embrace on May 20, 2013

    What a delightful read. This is a great book that contains a little bit of everything that a reader could ever want. It has mystery, murder, mayhem, sexy vampires, loyal werewolves, and sex. I really enjoyed the romantic fantasy. It was a real page turner. I must admit, my family had to do without while I couldn't put the book down! Simply loved it.
  • The Model Wife on July 25, 2013

    Desperate times call for desperate solutions. Everybody at some time or another has faced financial hardships. Finding solutions for those difficult times can truly test your willingness to step outside of your personal boundaries. Emma and her husband find themselves in a desperate situation with their credit card debt. Seeing an opportunity to make a few payments, Emma applies for model position for an art class. A new world is opened to her, exposing her to self doubt and possible self fulfillment. The scenes sizzle in the mind’s eye of the reader and this tempting morsel leaves you hanging on with bated breath wondering what is going to happen next with Emma, her husband and the artist.
  • Logan's Acadian Wolves (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 4) on Sep. 16, 2013

    Logan Reynaud begins his reign as alpha to the New Orleans Acadian Wolves; challenges have been met and quelled. Peace has come to the pack. Logan and Dimitri, his beta, have the packs best interest at heart when a mysterious woman crosses his path. Wynter, is running for her life, having been captive for two months, her chance at freedom comes at a price. Several vampires are killed, but she knows that they are still after her for her research. The tendrils of this story wrap around the heart of New Orleans, home of Kade (From Kade’s Dark Embrace) and Logan’s new pack. Logan is determined to protect, Wynter. Whatever she’s mixed up with will impact his wolves and he has to get to the bottom of it. Reading their story, as Kym Grosso builds their relationship; the reader is naturally drawn into the mystery and intrigue. Your heart pounds as the sizzling heat between Logan and Wynter grows. The challenge of her past, trusting her alpha, and understanding the way the pack works presents numerous trials for the new Alpha. Sizzle, Twists and Turns, More Sizzle, and Surprise! Holy cow!