D. Dubuys


The author was born and raised in a small Louisiana town along the Mississippi River at a time when whites expected blacks to move off the sidewalk for them and prejudice of all varieties thrived. People, even those of the same nationality or race, called others a “Jew” if they were frugal, a “Nigger “if they failed to do something to perfection, a “Dago” if they felt you cheated them, and “White Trash” if you were underprivileged, never taking into account that throughout history the Jewish people had to practice frugality to survive, Negoes had to improvise for lack of resources, poor people worked as hard or harder than the rich and that all Italians did not belong to the Mafia. Back then, teachers never lectured on the injustice of prejudice, in school or religious instruction.

Memories of that small town life moved the author, whom episodes of bigotry also victimized, to tell this story of the passing of hurtful and rage-provoking intolerance from generation to generation.

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