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  • Kat Among The Pigeons on March 24, 2011

    It’s been such a long time since it was so easy to slip into the mind of the protagonist, which, to be perfectly honest, I thought I’d have a much harder time with, because I do usually identify with much darker and angst-ridden characters than Kat. She really hooked me with the banter and the way that Kat interacts within her world (both human and fae). I had no problem whatsoever delving deep into this world without too much world-building getting into the way of the story. Lazette Gifford doles out only what is necessary to understand and live in her world for the time, without bogging you down into the intense details that usually pull me out of a fae-based urban fantasy. There’s enough movement in the plot that there really wasn’t a point that I felt that I could put down my Kindle with everything building to a point that you thought as the reader that you had figured everything out, only to be taken down a trail that you didn’t even realize was there just a chapter before. One of the “gotchas” that I think would have been a bit more of a shock had I not been quite as familiar with a dead poet with a penchant for birds (and no, while I’m sure you figured out the author, it’s not the poem that you’re thinking of). The pace was perfect in the story, and if there was one thing that I could say that left me a bit wanting was that I wanted just a bit more of an epilogue after the climax, seeing a more more of the “normalcy” that would have returned to Kat’s life after all was said and done.