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Mitchell Jones was born in a large neighborhood. Raised by two lower-middle class African-American parents, he had a quiet childhood with few friends, maybe because he always had his head in a book. At age 6, he loved to read and write and often wrote until his hands were numb. Everyone in Mitch's class knew he could write better than them, so they didn't even compete with him. At age 9, he narrated a play about the Settlers and Thanksgiving. At a young age he learned to read and write.
When Mitch turned 17, he aced his GED with flying colors. His hobbies are reading several genres of books and playing chess. Mitch looks forward to a career in Agricultural Sciences, Pharm Tech, and Journalism. He's very ambitious. He sang tenor and bass in TBAAL'S adult choirs' televised event in 2009; also sang in children's choir for 2 years.

Mitch's acting career started at TBAAL, where he was an extra for 4 years (2005-2008). During that time he was taught dancing, acting, and theatre. But Mitch quit attending TBAAL'S summer enrichment program for honorable reasons. He came to every day of practice for 4 years, but he wasn't treated with respect and at the program they gave little creative expression. Do you understand Mitch's loyalty? He stayed with TBAAL for many years, but when he discovered where their minds were at he left the program.

Mitchell also participated in the 2011 Black Film Festival of Dallas. He wrote many profiles for talented young artists. All of the artists were over satisfied for the way Mitch portrayed their talents. As a child, Mitch was surrounded by many negative influences but never succumbed to them. To add to his resume, he has written a few poems and essays. He has a charismatic approach to his interviews, making his subjects feel at home and comfortable even during personal questioning.

A future project of Mitch's is for him to own a business, profiling influential and beginning artists and producing their art. Right now he has already promoted, and managed artists and their profiles. Mitch is looking for someone to buy his script in the near future. He has ventured in self-employment and sales since he was 12 years old! What sets Mitch apart is his non-linear story lines and invigorating speeches that bring out a passion in readers like no other! Mitch would make a stellar Author, Scriptwriter, Journalist, Talent Scout and Interviewer. He wrote a Feature Films at only age 17 that is for sell right now. It’s sure to win to several film festivals and make lots of money!

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Memoirs of a Young, Black Male Construction Worker: Articles about the Black Male Experience
You set the price! Words: 3,100. Language: English. Published: January 30, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Autobiographies & Memoirs
This is a series of articles, some historical and some modern, that illustrate the everyday struggles of young black males in America.

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