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Smashwords book reviews by ambra

  • Silky 3: The Queen's Champion on Jan. 08, 2012

    This review is for the trilogy, not this single book. In the beginning Silkation is a slave ill treated by his petty master. Then he saves the life of a Lord of the Land and from here on his social position acends until he becomes a Lord in his own right. So said it seems quite staightforward. It's not exactly so... Silky, as his friends like to call him ( I don't like very much this name, it sounds to me like a brothel nickname or something like that...), is traumatized and ever-jumpy, constantly nervous. This could sometimes grate on your nerves but I have to say I found it quite refreshing: in fantasy books I didn't often meet male main characters like him. I liked him instantly and considered him cute, although I must say his new friend's behaviour in front of his problems verged on the comical: they reminded me of a bunch of people trying to pet a stranger's cat. And Silky actually behaved like the cat! (well, he didn't scratch or anything...). This said, you can't not like Silkation: he is quiet, loyal, extremely intelligent yet humble, brave and, regretfully, a chronical victim! I don't remember how many attempts on his life were done during the three books! He was constantly ill or injured, and fainted quite a lot of times...It happened so often I ended up expecting it... I loved the character of Lord Jordan: his change of heart was very well described without actually spending too much time on him; it was a side-plot all made of looks and few words. Amity was really hateful, I wanted to kill her myself and I was annoyed it took so long to punish her when what she was doing was so blatant. All in all this was a good trilogy. Not in my top ten of fantasy books, but good. :) PS: Sorry if there are some errors but this is not my language :)