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  • Bring Me Back on Jan. 24, 2013

    Five Stars are not enough for this extraordinary book! The well-developed dynamic characters, surprising plot twists, and detailed descriptions enable the reader to develop a personal connection with the story's main character,Claire Abby. Claire, like so many of us, was not immune to the allure of the rock stars of the 80s. It is through the eyes of this confident, yet vulnerable, character that the reader is able to live out their own fantasy of meeting that rock star that captured their attention so many years ago. As a result of the author's attention to detail and understanding of the complex world of "fandom", the reader loses themselves in Claire's world and becomes part of her story. If you lived in the 80's, had a thing for bass-playing, jet-setting,square-chinned rockstars, you MUST read this book. You won't put it down until you're done, and when you do, you will be ready for more! Karen Booth's writing style is so refreshing. She isn't afraid to take risks with her characters, but she does it in a manner that makes them realistic and genuine. Absolutely Amazing!