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  • Paradox - The Angels Are Here (Book 1) on Feb. 03, 2012

    I thought I would very much enjoy Paradox since I knew it involved angels and good vs. evil which I usually find very interesting. This book was different than what I expected. The jumping between the different time periods and stories involving Abaddon and his family in their time and Grace 900 years later as well as the visions I'm assuming are had by Grace, left me confused a few times. The story starts with Juliette who lived 900 years ago and she tells us of how everything has changed through war. The first chapter introduces us to Abaddon and his sister Theria as well as cousin Siena, and brother Lord Cerberus. There is a war going on between the fallen House of Grigorian and the House of Bulgaurdians. Theria is sent to Earth along with Siena to find and destroy those enemies who have fallen to Earth. The last thing Abaddon says to them before they leave is that he wants "the girl alive." We are not told why Abaddon is after Grace or what he wants from her. We are then taken to Australia which is in the year 2001. Here we meet Grace who is an unhappy child. Then Hope appears and becomes a sort of imaginary friend to Grace since only she, and although she doesn't know it, her father can see her. We know, however that she is an angel to look after Grace. We then skip ahead to 2004 and find that Grace's father has just passed away. Hope then also goes away as Grace has come to realize upon her father's death she must grow up. She is overcome with an incredible loss and is left to take care of her mother who is having a very hard time following the death of her husband. Patti Roberts does an incredible job of illustrating the sorrow and grief that Grace has suffered upon the death of her father. It was like I was experiencing everything along with Grace. To try to help Grace, Wade, the police officer who informed her of her father's death, has become a fixture at her house. It's a little confusing to me that Wade seems to integrate himself right into Grace and her mother Kate's lives without either of them questioning why he is suddenly spending all of this time with them. My thought is that it has something to do with what he is and can do. Hopefully, that is something that we will learn more about in book 2. In addition, Grace also suffers from seeing visions of situations that are related to natural disasters, very haunting, and seem to end with death. It's unclear why she's having these visions and what they mean. Angela, Grace's new neighbor also becomes a part of her life. She becomes a good friend to Grace, which she really needs when Wade stops coming by. Grace is overcome with her mother's suffering and Angela helps to keep her strong while also helping her mother Kate to move on from her grief. When Wade comes back around he is introduced to Angela and they come to realize they already know each other. We are not told, however, whether they are working on the same side or against one another. The more Wade comes around Grace begins to pick up on things he does that remind her of her father, but it's unclear what the connection between Wad and Brian is. This story left me asking more questions than I could seem to find the answers to. I am still unsure how all the different stories are linked to each other and how Grace relates to something that happened 900 years ago. It makes me wonder if Abaddon is in some kind of world parallel to hers or if they have been tracking her through time in her various lives. Also, why does Grace seem to be wanted by both good and evil sides? The ending does leave me wondering what is to come and makes me want to read book 2 in hopes that more is explained and made clear.