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Scott Beadle (April, 1976)was born in Essex, England. For most part of his life he has worked in the Security Industry, finally becoming an Author in 2012. His first book, "Among the Fallen: Resurrection" is the first part of a series of four. "Among the Fallen: Aflicto Cordis" is expected later this year. Among the Fallen, was originally a web project, with downloadable chapters as and when; high popularity of the website convinced Scott to later put all the parts together for a mainstream release.

The first two parts are deliberately set for release with just a few months between them, Scott feeling that the first book was just a set up for the story. Parts 3 and 4 are expected in 2013 and 2014.

Scott and the Co-Writer, Ross Shortall teamed up in early 2010 to work on the A.T.F project. Being a Graphic Designer by trade, Scott could easily promote and sell his visions and stories. With Ross as a screenwriter, the two eventually created A.T.F, which originally, was meant to be one book and published by ATOM Publishing. It's size however, meant that the final edit was too large for publishing and had to be split into four parts.

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