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Smashwords book reviews by Amy Rex

  • Crysalis: Beginnings on May 19, 2014

    Three stories in one simple package...overall all 3 were entertaining. Now I just have one beef w/ all 3 authors...give me an EXACT pub date for when the next stories will be coming out. This is what I really liked- Meade was hilarious, the good kind of sassy/smartass. Damian's story with Vira has me anticipating something going on b/w the 2 of them...can't wait to find out how that unfolds. Keep writing, people. Definitely action-packed enough that it kept my interest too.
  • Found in London on May 19, 2014

    This is a very fun concept for a book and I really enjoyed reading it.
  • Rotation of the Suns on May 29, 2014

    Unfortunately poor formatting has made the poetry here almost unreadable when I try to read it in my browser. I'd definitely suggest that the author try re-uploading it and taking a look at the Smashwords style guide for pointers.
  • The Princess Who Defied Kings on July 13, 2014

    This book gets off to a thrilling start as Najika stands on trial for murder, albeit a murder pretty justified. From there the story never lets up. It held my attention - her escape from the prison caravan and then her eventual journey to the Black Kingdom…not to mention run-ins with ogres, trolls, and yes, even a dragon among other interesting creatures and characters. I'd give this book five thumbs up if I had that many hands. This is an adventure story I won't forget.
  • Rebel Girl of Mars on Aug. 24, 2015

    After having read some of this author's fantasy books, I was curious what the science fiction was like. Rebel Girl did not disappoint. Zayna's struggle to rescue her Martian settlement takes some unexpected turns. There was a mystery-element as the story unfolded that made me reading through to the last page and it was refreshing to see some real mental depth to Zayna (loved her irreverent attitude btw!) and ditto Skyler to a lesser extent. I like stories where cooperation rather than one super genius is what it takes to resolve the conflict, and Rebel Girl definitely works on that level. Although I really, really enjoyed Rebel Girl of Mars overall, I would offer these pros can cons to the would-be reader. #1 There isn't a ton of backstory here. Some may like that (I did), some may find that frustrating with a few unresolved questions. The story gets into the action very quickly (Chap. 2) and the pressure honestly does not let up. Would have liked maybe a few more chapters at the felt like the author left things open for a, as for me, I would've preferred a longer book ;) Still, solid ending :)