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  • Claws on Feb. 05, 2011

    Congratulations Ricky Sides on an engaging thriller! I read lots of suspense/thriller novels, and am particularly interested in those that include animal characters/plots. The premise—agri-terrorism—is a reality in the world today, and marrying that horror the innocence of beloved companion animals is inspired. I was a bit confused by changes of point-of-view within several scenes, and disappointed that the heroine first introduced in the opening had so little to do in the last half of the book. However, an equally engaging hero carried the story through to the satisfying end. I particularly liked the action/fight scenes in the story. CLAWS draws a chilling picture of “what if” and makes any pet lover raise an eyebrow at that purring couch potato kitty begging for a full bowl of kibble. Particularly coming on the heels of the pet food crises, this is a plot ripe for the telling. Bravo!