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  • First Sight (The Ivory Series, Book 1) on Aug. 29, 2012

    First Sight is a well written vamp book, supposedly for the YA market (as tagged on Smashwords where I downloaded from), but the amount of drinking in the beginning of this book gives me pause about that. I do understand that it was based in Australia and the laws might be different there, but in the US legal drinking age is 21. The YA market is generally much younger than that (ages 12-18) and I wonder if the drinking sets a good example for that age group. This my main bone to pick with the book, other than that it is a great story. I also understand how the drinking and bar hopping is pivotal to the development of the story. I must say that the book really didn't sink its teeth into me until around the middle then it didn't let go, I truly look forward to reading more and hope to meet more of the supporting cast of characters and learn their back stories. Much of the book reminded me of Twilight, the personality of the characters and the flow of the story. Not that that is bad because I enjoyed Twilight, but it really did feel familiar. Around half way the book started to separate itself from that and found its own identity. At first I didn't really care for Nicola, I thought she was shallow good looking party girl that cared for little in life than going out. I loved how she changed through the book and grew in character as the story progressed and her relationship with Vaughan developed. By the end of the book I had more respect for her and felt much more fondness for her. I liked Vaughan as well, although I still don't feel as if I know him very well, but I think that adds to his mystery and makes him so attractive. Of all the supporting roles I liked Ivan the most and would love to learn more about him and Cassie. American readers should note that the Author is Australian and some of the terminology and slang might throw you for a loop for a bit, but not enough to affect your enjoyment of the book. Personally I enjoyed the dialect of the book and though it made it interesting. For the first half of the book I though it was going to be only 3*, but once I finished I realized I wanted to read and really had enjoyed the story which bumped it up to 4*. Great job, thank you for the copy to review and I look forward to the next in the series.
  • Savor, Warm Delicacy Series, Book 1 on Sep. 07, 2012

    You know you are really into a new book/series/author when you go and buy the next book before you even finish reading the first one. I loved this book. It sucked me in from the first chapter, no struggling to get into this read to review book here. There was some things that I found peculiar like the fact the Claire's birth mother would let her go so easily, but with what you discover at the end of the book maybe it makes sense. This is a very interesting world Ms. Duncan has created and I look forward to learning more about this society where Vampires rule and live in the open. I really liked Claire, she makes a decision and sticks to it, she is open to learning and fulfilling her new role in society. Yet she remains true to her emotions and self as she tries to figure out how to fit in, I really liked her strength. I also liked her new friend Robin, who I am happy now has a friend and ally in the castle. I also like Dmitry, who is charming and funny. Arrick is also someone I look forward to getting to know better. For now I'm torn as to which team I am on, but I think I'm leaning towards Arrick. Ms. Duncan has done an excellent job of creating a cast of characters and an intriguing new world to explore. I really can't wait to read more. Well done!
  • Wolver's Gold - A Wolver Novel on June 17, 2014

    Had to give this book 5 stars, not because I loved every minute of my marathon reading of this in just over 24 hours, but because it evoked such a strong reaction in me. I got very wrapped up in the story-line and characters, even needing to give myself little time outs when I would get so worked up over what was happening that I wanted to smack the characters up side the head. I did enjoy the book, wouldn’t have given it so many stars if I didn’t, but there were parts of the story that were not an easy read for me. I think that just comes from my personal history though. Wolver’s Gold is part of a series, but would work nicely as a stand alone title. The rules of the world are the same, but the author has taken the series in a totally different direction in this book. Gave it a fresh and different feel while keeping it true to the world she created. I believe there is only one character that was in other books in the series, so feel free to pick this one up if you want to give the series a try. This is one of the few authors that I enjoy though, that I will buy anything she writes, even without reading the synopsis, and know I’m going to get a good read. I was a little surprised with the direction this book went, started it without reading its synopsis, the story had a way different feel then the others. It almost came off with as a historical, but managed to keep one paw in modern times, then there was this western element thrown in too. Now I must confess, westerns and historicals are two types of books I will usually shy away from. Just not a fan most of the time. This one was an exception, though, the romance and paranormal elements overrode any historical or western elements to the story enough that it was able to keep my interest. So if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned genres (historical, westerns, paranormal, romance) you might want to give this one a go. So what got me so riled up about this book. The men mostly. The pack in this book is stuck in the 1800′s and runs a tourist town where they can hide their pack and basically suppress women. The author explains in the beginning how this is what life was like to many women in the wild west, and I appreciated the forewarning and information she provided. It still got my hackles up and pissed me off how the men were treating the women of the pack as second class citizens with no rights. I grew up knowing men like this, hence my perhaps overblown reaction to a story…. Feel bad for my husband who had to live with me while reading this book. I’m glad the author tackled this subject though, cause even thought this was in the context of this is how it used to be, there are too many women out there in the world that this is their reality. Alright, done with what I found difficult about the story. There was plenty to love about the story too. I LOVED Challenger. He was such fun and played the fish-out-of- water well as he got used to living in this piece of the past town. I also loved reading how he would get Rachel so worked up. They were a great match. The author teased me along for most of the book though. Kept me wondering if how they were going to end up together or if they would. There were moments where I wondered if it would all lead to heartbreak for Rachel. I also loved Rachel. Enjoyed watching her wake up to the reality she lived in. Such a transformation. So proud of the growth and changes she made. One other character I enjoyed was the school teacher, Washington (last name, the characters were so formal using Mr. & Miss all the time I forget his first name). I would so love to see him get his own story. The chemistry between him and Challenger was great, a fun bromance. The story and plot moved at a good pace, there was plenty of fun situations, some steamy scenes, and on the edge of your seat action. It was a fun read that made you think, for the female readers a story to make you appreciate the world and society we now live in. I hope you give it a try and like it as much as I did.
  • Wolver's Rescue on Feb. 26, 2015

    With some reviews I just don’t know where to start. Quite often I find it is with the books that I enjoy the most. I get so excited about sharing my love of it with you that I have trouble organizing my thoughts. This is one of those reviews… If you’ve followed me for a while then you know that I am very familiar with this author, in fact she is one of the few that I can say I’ve read (and enjoyed) everything she has written. I have to say though, this book, this is probably my favorite of everything I’ve read. Now I probably need to go back and reread sometime to verify that, but something about this story just clicked for me. I was so upset that I didn’t have the time recently to just sit down and devour it in one sitting. I wanted to tell the world and life to go away and let me read, dammit. I have noticed that Ms. Rhoades has the ability to take her established series and reinvent them, while keeping the same rules and structure so that they continue to feel a part of the whole. The last book shook things up quite a bit and this one too has quite a different feel from previous books. I love this, it keeps the series fresh and interesting. Tommie and Bull’s story took a much darker turn from previous stories and at times, in the beginning, I was almost reading though my fingers as I couldn’t bare to witness what was happening. It was gritty and dark and very realistic, for a fictional world about shape shifters that is… In this book we get to see a different side of the Wolver world that perhaps isn’t as pleasant and the one the other stories take place in. The fun characters that span a wide spectrum of personalities and quirks are one of the things I enjoy most about Ms. Rhoades’s books, and she did not disappoint in her latest release. The main one that connected this to the other stories was Eugene Begley who continues to play this world’s matchmaker extraordinaire. He is a fun Wolver and I was happy to see him get some actual page time in this book we got a chance to know him better. The main story centers around Tommie and Bull, who both surprised me as a departure from what I usually expect in this series. Both of them come with plenty of issues and a stubborn streak a mile wide. I loved their personalities though. Tommie had such optimism, determination and strength to her. I loved how she stood up to pretty much everybody and for everyone. I admired and connected with her compassion and quirks. She is what made this story for me. Bull was a lot of fun and had such a mouth on him. I enjoyed his change; watching him open up and let the other characters in to his heart was touching. These two are a great paring and I loved how Ms. Rhoades worked their lives and story into a complete circle. I don’t want to giveaway more, but I loved the piece of the puzzle we got at the very end the most. The plot and pacing was well done. Lots of action and plenty of fun moments too, she writes a nice balance of drama, humor and steam. This author keeps things moving and you guessing about what is going to happen next. Just when you thing surely this must be the end, there is still 50 or more pages of drama to work out. I really appreciate this, it means we don’t have left over plot twists that have to carry over to another book. No cliffhangers and Wolver’s Rescue works really well as a standalone title, so if you have not read anything else by this author feel free to pick this title up and give it try. I bet it hooks you and soon you will have devoured the entire series. I received this book from the author for an honest review.