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Smashwords book reviews by Ana Perry

  • Hate Crimes on Oct. 16, 2013

    I love this story, Nuala, Sean, Tova, Nan. It makes me so happy and sick all at the same time. And the greatest thing in it? No. I shouldn't say that. Some of the greatest things in it? While you deal with such miserable excuses for people as her family and whoever is killing----no spoilers----God! Sean loves Nuala so much, and she's a virgin, so their sex is the best. I loved Falling in Love also, but this one is hotter. And Sean loves her so much, he actualy bothers to go talk with other transgenders to learn more about them. I've wished my own family would, but Sean does. And the up-beat way Tova interacts! And the way Sean's family and her new family take to her! I also loved the way Li takes to Nuala, like she adopts her as a sister. And don't get me started on the hate, here, because I know that kind of thing happens. Some of it, I've experienced, too. Nothing is more important than allowing people to live in dignity. How can people hurt each other so? I'm thankful for this novel. I wish my family would read it.
  • Falling in Love on Oct. 16, 2013

    I didn't review this one until I read Hate Crimes, but I loved it so much I thought I would. I loved FAlling in Love, also. It touched me. FTM's don't usually seem to want to be with MTF's, but Jim did, and I love him for it. Lourdes is in this one, too, from Sliders: The Dark Side of Transgender. I wasn't sure I liked her in that one, but she was grewat in this o ne. She just had to loosen up, and it was Jim who helped her do it.
  • Sliders: The Dark Side of Transgender on Oct. 16, 2013

    I would have given this one a 3 stars, until I read Hate Crimes. In Hate Crimes, I can see a lot more who Regina is. Sliders is so pointed, that I missed it there. Regina is a very good person who has thecourage to let others see who she is. And now, I'll give it 5 stars.