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  • Pandora's Box (Road to Hell #1) on July 08, 2015

    If you LOVE the TV show called Supernatural, you are gonna LOVE this book, too. No, don't get me wrong, i'm not saying it's a copy of the show, i'm saying, that there were parts that reminded me of the show (like probably most demon hunter story does) and boy... They were awesome!!! The time goes fast, there are parts when we hop 1 year, it could be scary for you, but don't be afraid, it's awesome and gives more possibility for us to see how the characters are changing, and every chapter brings a new battle or exciting news to us. We also get to see how Amos changing from the scary "I'll rip you into pieces, mommy" chucky to a powerful, and "mom protecting" child. Prepare yourself for a story that sucks you in and doesn't let you go until it's not finished... maybe not even then. Wondering why Pandora's Box is the title? I was wondering about it too.. a LOT! it was a nice touch!! But now i tell you... You'll find out, when you read the book, and i highly recommend to you to do it!! Did i mentioned that this book is frickin' AMAZING???