Andrew Ings


Andrew Ings has written many articles for a range of titles for over thirty years.
These have included theatrical reviews for a number of newspapers and magazines such as Arts East, Centre Stage, the Jazz Rag, The Guardian and The London Evening Standard.
Other articles have been sartorial regarding lifestyle and modern day life. In addition he has written pieces on cooking for men, health and exercise, cycling, country walking, health and safety and stress management. His first book was published in 2001.
Andrew was a contributor on a weekly radio programme on the arts for several years. He has been an advisor to a number of theatres in London, including Shakespeare's Globe and a major Academy of Theatrical Arts.
He is a board member for the Red Rose Chain Film and Theatre Company, and has also appeared in or directed many productions for local theatre groups.
He also appeared in the final episode of Blackadder.
His latest publication is a book on the history and birth place of British Rock ‘n' Roll entitled Rockin' at The 2i' Coffee Bar.

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