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Andrew Mueller was born in Wagga Wagga, Australia, and lives in London, England. He writes about various things for various titles, including The Financial Times, Monocle, The Guardian, The Times, Esquire, Uncut, Australian Gourmet Traveller, New Humanist and, frankly, anyone else who'll have him. Another book of his, 'I Wouldn't Start From Here: The 21st Century and Where It All Went Wrong', was lauded as "not bad for a guy from Wagga Wagga," by The Wagga Wagga Advertiser.
Andrew Mueller is also the singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist with The Blazing Zoos, an incipient alt-country phenomenon who released their debut album, 'I'll Leave Quietly', in 2010. Mueller plans to spend the royalties generated by its success on an immense and triumphantly gauche Nashville mansion with rhinestone-studded gates and a guitar-shaped swimming pool. Or, a sandwich. His hobbies include swearing at televised sporting fixtures, sighing at newspapers and the maintenance of a minutely annotated list of people who'll be sorry when he's famous. Form an orderly queue, ladies.

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