Woman of the world, Andulairah had a nagging desire to put pen to paper after having experienced some radical life encounters. 

"I was initially working on another manuscript for a book that I had been writing for four years, when one night editing it, I had the really strong intuition to put some of these life experiences on paper. I thought I would scribble a page of notes, put it aside and then come back to it. Well it didn't happen that way..."

That 'scribble of notes' became a monster and she spent up to 16 hours a day writing the manuscript, unable to part with it. She remembers the time of when she was writing:
"Everything else was put on hold. I lived and breathed that story. Days and nights became a blur, and although I was at home writing, I wasn't at 'home' per se."

Fast forward four months later, and the manifestation of Eyes Of The Scarlet Rose became a reality. 
When Andulairah is not writing, she is out in her garden within the ancient landscapes of South Australia, doing a science degree, or out in the mountains drinking a cup of tea.

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