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Smashwords book reviews by Andune

  • Katrdeshtr's Redemption: The Night Cat, Book One on April 23, 2012

    Kartdeshtr's Redemption is dark, compelling, tender and so good. Katdreshtr is definitely one of the most unique characters I’ve stumbled upon lately. Usually vampire inspired characters don’t keep me interested because they tend to be black and white: either completely evil and deranged (usually the villain in the story) or human adoring and saintlike from the start, but this one is completely unique. Katdreshtr is completely ambiguous in this sense: there is no clearly defined morality in his actions and his motivations are passionate and mysterious. I felt alarm, anxiety, detachment and compassion all at once for Katdreshtr, and that is always interesting as a reader. I feel like the name onomatopoeically helps one get in touch with Katdreshtr’s energy, which is pretty fierce. The writing is fluid, sultry and poetic. I would greatly enjoy knowing how Tal and Kat’s story continues in the future!
  • Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World on June 12, 2012

    I’ve only recently discovered how deeply I enjoy memoirs. There is something quite indescribable about having the opportunity to walk alongside someone’s words, on a part of their life journey, as they share what they are willing to, generously and openheartedly. Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World touched some deep fibers in my soul. G.Y.S. led a complex and passionate life, a unique, painful, loving and intense life breathed into this book and colored in ideas and words that I found myself unexpectedly resonating with powerfully. As different as our paths may have been as we walk together on this Earth, for me this book transcends all differences, stereotypes, judgements and becomes the sharing forth of a very honest human experience relevant to all of us, connected to all of us. Indeed, we are not alone. Entries about deafness, dreams, friendship, love, gay relationships, wanderlust, poetry, orphans and schadefreunde all feel to me like the pieces of mosaic that make up the most breathtaking image: look closely and you see fragments, take a step back and stare in wonder at how all those bits can be so perfectly in place, revealing something much greater if you only allow it. And it’s not necessary to agree or disagree with all that is said, it is not necessary even to understand all, for there are things I might never be able to understand no matter how hard I try, but really it is about listening and embracing someone’s story, their triumphs and difficulties, their passion and hardship, their strength and conviction. As someone who has devoted their life to sound, and I suppose, at the same time silence, it is always very compelling for me to learn the perspective of someone who is deaf, and understands the vibration spectrum in a very different, but no less meaningful way. I wish I could have met G.Y.S. and had a conversation, but since that was not to be I feel grateful to get to know him through his words, his visions, his sense of humor and honest dialogue.