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Smashwords book reviews by Andy McAllister

  • Rebirth of the Gods on April 16, 2011

    Whoa. This book was surprising all the way through. It was enough to have the villain as the hero, but then he proved just how much a villain he really is by committing horrible acts - mostly sexual against females. Nasty guy fer sure. And it goes on like that a lot - even after he runs afoul of the FBI and saves the President of the USA. Read this book. Excellent choice of characterization and fun for all. I hope there's a sequal of some sort.
  • Sexposing SupraBabe on July 30, 2011

    Fast read. Short story. Great fun. I had a blast reading Sexposing SupraBabe. I've always loved superhero stories and this was excellent. Could have been longer and maybe the next one will. I know there's got to be more of this heroine in the author's mind. Fun sex and storyline. Enjoyed the Irish brogue stylization from the villian, not that Irishmen are all villians or all villians are Irishmen but it worked well for me. Had to think a bit on a few of the terms and phrases used. Obviously the author knows a lot of Irishman. Great girl on girl scenes. My favorite. Let's see this as the enxt great superhero movie, ok? heh heh
  • Book 'Em - An Eamonn Shute Mystery on July 30, 2011

    I love stories about Irishmen and this one did not fail to please. Great story, plot and execution of characters.
  • Split on July 30, 2011

    Had a few too many typos and grammatical errors to completely please me but the storyline was good and the writing as well.
  • Bug, Naked & Horny on July 30, 2011

    Damn. This book was just released and when I saw the cover I said, "Huh?" Four inches tall, dragonfly wings, Naked & Horny. Yea, that's the book for me for sure. lol A quick read not just because it's a novella, but because the author writes so well I hated to stop until I was fininshed. More on this storyline, please.