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I got my start in life one night in the spring of 1929. This was just prior to the stock market crash of November 29 when our society experienced some events that changed the living conditions for the masses, and continued through the thirties and up until world war two. Those were hard years, however we were given an opportunity to experience both sides of the economic coin which gave us a deep appreciation of the coming good years when they later arrived.
When I was nineteen months old, I am told I was bit by a stray Rabid dog that came up on our front porch while my mother and I were enjoying a beautiful morning. It is my understanding that the treatment at that time was much worse than the bite. This left me with some devastating side effects. I was then to spend four years in the first two grades, which put me way behind the other children, and was the cause of even more problems developing. Those problems along with the hard times of the depression years of the thirties set the stage early on for consecrating all efforts toward the future rather than looking back toward the past.
I was a great big boy of twelve before I was to learn I wasn’t a dummy, and from that point on began to developed a tremendous appetite for learning. That appetite with a strong desire to know more about the big questions of life has resulted in a lifetime of seeking and searching for answers to these many questions. In this book “ A NEW DAY IN THE MORNING “, an attempt is made to answer some of those questions as I have come to see things, and from my perspective. You are going to find a totally different approach in the answers given as to why we were born, and what is our purpose for life in this presentation. I believe you will find it an interesting read.
Enjoy, John Kilough

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A New Day in the Morning
Price: $4.95 USD. Words: 38,090. Language: English. Published: November 20, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Christian Life / Inspirational
There are many varied theories and controversial viewpoints among the people who embrace, and believe in the Christian way of life. However, many thinking people find they cannot be accepting of it as it is being presented to our society with the many divergent beliefs, which all cannot be right. The result is that many troubling unanswered questions are brought to light.

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