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Born in the shadow of beautiful Table Mountain, Aneza Lee's passion for writing led her to become not only a published fantasy author, but an editor and transcriptionist too. She holds a Diploma in Herbalism and is a qualified Usui and Karuna Reiki practitioner. As a child she believed each glittering dewdrop was a fairy diamond, and the stars were divine guardians guiding her along her path. She has a great love for the written word and believes there is much to learn, and to teach, through this medium about human nature and the world we share. There is a wild magic in the African air where she was born and she tries to suffuse her writing with it.

Her poem, Dancing with Gypsies, was published in the Forever Spoken Collection by the International Library of Poetry and won the Editor's Choice award. Her projects include Musings of a Bard, a poetry collection, The Harpy Chronicles – The Namari Book I and Book II, a fantasy series, Dos and Don’ts for Indie Authors – DIY Guide, and Secrets To A Great Author Biography – DIY Guide. She is currently working on a dating self-help guide and the third book in the Harpy Chronicles series - People of the Crow.

Aside from writing fantasy and poetry, some of her interests and hobbies include herbalism, painting, knitting, reading, counted cross stitch, gardening, the law of attraction, various crafts and all things gothic. She shares her life with her fiancée, her loving family and an assortment of angels, furry creatures and madcap friends.

**Please note that she uses UK spelling in her novels, which differs slightly from US spelling.**

Smashwords Interview

When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?
I was very young; if I recall correctly I was in grade 2 or 3, when I wrote an essay for English class. My teacher commended me on my writing and told me how much she had enjoyed my story. I so enjoyed the fact that she had enjoyed my writing, that I more or less decided then and there, after a brief look at other options – I kid you not… I imagined myself as a nurse, and a dancer, and then as a writer. Bingo bango, that was it for me.
What's the story behind your latest book?
This book began as a dream. I wrote it in my dream journal and then, I painted a scene from that dream. The idea began to take shape and finally I was compelled to start writing. The Harpy Chronicles is the result. It’s an epic fantasy, adventure, romance, and a coming of age story. Our heroine, Kirin, is an elf who must discover how to use a rare gift of foresight to save the elfish nation from Olunagh, a goddess who was long ago expulsed from the Bower of the Gods. Kirin comes to serve her rival, the earth-bound goddess, Alorana, and upon her journey to gain mastery over her gifts, she meets a young harpy. The harpy is on a quest of her own, to fulfil a prophecy and to revive her people. They soon realise that to save their realms from the domination of an angry goddess, they must stand together to defeat her. The tale is told against a backdrop of myth and mystery, magic and slavery.
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Musings of a Bard Prose Poetry Volume I
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 8,560. Language: English. Published: February 1, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Erotic, Fiction » Poetry » Epic
Musings of a Bard is a tale, in many small parts, of love, betrayal, valour, honour, the wonder of the ages, lives lived and lost. The magic is in the weaving of the words; Sultry, erotic, sometimes epic, hearkening back to an age of myth and legend, queens, warriors and goddesses in turn. Feel the love, the anger, the betrayal, know the tale.
The Harpy Chronicles - The Namari Book II
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 86,340. Language: English. Published: February 1, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic, Fiction » Romance » Erotic
In this installment of the long-awaited The Namari Book II, Kirin is kidnapped and enslaved in the crystal mines. Can she escape and find her way back to lend her skills to those who need it most in the upcoming battle between Olunagh and elf kind? Will Aello fulfil her quest and will Leofric's curse finally be lifted? Will the mysterious harpy tribes beyond the Ice Wastes become allies or foes?
The Harpy Chronicles - The Namari Book I
Price: Free! Words: 88,310. Language: English. Published: March 15, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic, Fiction » Erotica » Romance
Kirin, the elfish daughter of an exiled priestess, befriends an enigmatic trader with a secret and a harpy on a quest to save her people from an ancient curse. Goddess-touched, Kirin's gift is a commodity in a war between two goddesses, in a world of magic and slavery. Harpies and elves must learn to stand together to triumph in a war that threatens to destroy the entire realm. Reviews welcome.

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  • Legends of Origin 1 - Sanctuary for the Devil on Nov. 28, 2011

    An utterly delightful read! The characters are delightfully flawed;, their observations of the world they live in are often laced with a unique dry wit that is characteristic of Vanessa’s unique writing style. I found it well written and absolutely loved the characters, who are all so terribly real and so very human, with all the faults, failings and flaws that one could expect to find in the average Joe who just happens to find himself in extraordinary circumstances. The story flowed very easily, making it a fun, easy to read novel. Fast paced, interesting and often touching on themes that every reader can easily identify with and may often have secretly wondered about, I can highly recommend a trip to Tridor Monastery to visit with Liam and Arthean as they take their first steps to discover the legendary Garden of Origin. Whether flying with the intriguing ryokin, traversing the catacombs that exist beneath the peaceful monastery, or facing the deadly dragons whothat fight on the dark side, you’ll be on the edge of your seat until the last page.
  • Life on Dec. 28, 2011

    Life is a delightfully witty, sometimes dark read that shows the depths of the author's insights into life and showcases her literary talents beautifully! I really enjoyed this and can't wait to see what she comes up with next. Highly recommended, in my humble opinion in can teach the average reader a lot about human nature and our own motivations while eliciting the occasional, unexpected chuckle. A Dollar well spent!
  • Legends of Origin 2 - Orion's Harvesters on June 28, 2012

    Orion’s Harvesters, the second book in the entertaining Legends of Origin series, keeps the reader glued to the pages with its fast-paced action and thrilling storyline. We are reunited with Liam MacAskill, and meet his new friend, Jack, upon the eve of December 21, 2012, a date long rumoured to be the day the world as we know it is to end. Jack is attacked by a mysterious intruder – a man whose description is eerily similar to that of a man reportedly fleeing the scene of a horrendous baby killing crime scene. Soon thereafter, a portal opens in the Orion Nebula and a spaceship the size of the African continent makes a beeline for Earth, but are the approaching aliens friends or foes? Liam teleports aboard their ship to find out and witnesses a second alien species’ arrival through the portal. So begins a twisted adventure in which our unlikely hero, Liam, must face some disturbing truths about humanity’s origins and true purpose for existence. His quest for the truth spans two planets, taking him back to the confines of Tridor Monastery during a raging battle, where he joins with the fearless ryokin and a few unusual friends to save Tridor’s inhabitants. An enjoyable, fast-paced, must-read adventure once again delivered with Vanessa Finaughty’s unique flair and razor-sharp wit. I can’t wait for the next one! Two thumbs up and five stars from me.
  • Terra Vonnel and the Skulls of Aries on Aug. 08, 2013

    The basic elements, the bare bones of this tale, show a lot of promise and certainly entice the reader to continue turning the pages. DC Akers uses some beautiful turns of phrase and has some truly delightful and vivid descriptions. Kudos on the cover art as well, which certainly draws the readers eye at first glance. On a side note, however, the work is in need of some serious polishing and it could stand to undergo a proper edit. The author overuses passive voice to the point that it makes sentence structure somewhat awkward in places. The character development and dialogue could also use some work, as in many instances I found the dialogue to be a little wooden, or unnatural in feel. These are things that can so easily be remedied, however, and the reader should not be put off. The story was fast paced and filled with action and adventure. I'm giving a three star review, as I feel the work could easily be four or even five stars after addressing the issues mentioned earlier. I'm sure that with time we'll see some wonderful things from this author and I recommend adding this to your library. Thanks, DC Akers, for sharing this wonderful adventure with us.
  • The Winter Deception ( A Nick Winter Spy Thriller) on Aug. 08, 2013

    I rarely read spy thrillers, as I'm more a fantasy and sci-fi kind of lady, but I found this to be a very fast paced and high action read with plenty of intrigue. There is just enough drama to keep you at the edge of your seat and turning those pages. Mr. Datay obviously put a lot of time and thought into character and plot development and I found the book to be well written and quite enjoyable. His characters are believable and its easy to establish a rapport with them. One aspect that I particularly enjoyed was his detailed descriptions of the different locations that his main character, Winter, finds himself in. It's a pleasure to read a novel in which the author has obviously gone the extra mile to ensure that he has a well-rounded novel with which to entertain his audience. Kudos to him for that. I'm genuinely curious to see what he comes up with next! Great entertainment, I'd definitely recommend it.
  • Living On A Shoestring (Common Sense Ways to Save Money) on Aug. 19, 2013

    This wonderful little book is full of useful nuggets of information that will show the reader easy ways to save money. I really enjoyed the easy to read style and there is plenty of advice for everyone from school leavers to older folks who haven't learnt good money management advice yet. I must admit that I would have found it easier to reference things if the author, Anna Florin, had included more sub-headings, as there is so much good advice that you'll definitely find yourself scrolling through it more than once! Brilliant book. Thank you so much, Anna. Even though I am not from the USA, the hints are easy to adapt to your own country.