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Smashwords book reviews by Maria Trojanowski

  • Choosing Chase on Aug. 16, 2013

    Tess is an almost 40 widow with not the best self image. Living in the second floor of Chases home she has fallen for the younger man, but why would a guy as goregous as him want her? Chase has been in love with Tess for two years, trying to break down her walls so she can see his feeling are real. After and amazing night with the help of a certain toy the two finally come together. But Tesses old insecurities could come between them. Cute short story, I enjoyed to "cougar" factor and loved Chases willingness to put himself on the line for Tess. Can't wait to read Gages story, the next in this series.
  • Opposites Attract ~ a romantic comedy trilogy on Aug. 24, 2013

    Cute trio of shorts. Each story is intertwined with the characters that make appearances. Of the three my favorite is Alyssa and Brad and their helping a novelist with her book. Fun reads worth every minute of your time!
  • Siofra's Fight: Book 4 The Broadus Supernatural Society Series on Jan. 12, 2014

    After the gutwrenching decision she was forced to make in book 3 Siofra has left Montana and everyone she loves behind so she can find peace and solace in what she has done. Going back to her friends in New Orleans met is met with another suprise twise of fate, yet another mate, Abe. When new threats and old come back to haunt her yet again she knows she can no longer hide, and must face everything and everyone she left behind. This was my favorite of the series and not just because Fry has Three hunky mates to contend with. She is finally learning to come back to herself and be happy with her lot in life. It was fun watching as the four mates learn about each other and how to live happliy with each other. Abe, the newest man in her life, became one of my favorites because of his ability to sooth everyone around him and understand what is needed of him at any time by his mates. I loved getting to know Dyson in this one as well since we didn't get to see much of him in the last one. Even though it;s hard seeing Siofra go through even more troubles since things have so hard for her throughout seeing the happiness she gets from her family makes you enjoy the story even more.
  • Rowena's Revenge: Book 5 The Broadus Supernatural Society Series on Jan. 12, 2014

    With the shock at the end of the last book of finding out Siofra has another half sister. In this one we meet Rowena and see her cross country journey with her mates Blaine and our favorite elf, Penton. Seeing a new set of struggles for this suprise sister we get to know all three mates as they journey to Broadus to find safely. Rowena is your typical lowner type trying to understand her new place not just with these two man with with all the family attached to the father she never knew anything about. She also strugles with a power she doesn't know how to control. Finally getting to see more of Penton and what drove him from his dark heritage I loved seeing him get his happliy ever after. Blaine is such a domanite type but he also helped break things up and helped bring laughter to his two mates.
  • Siofra's Change: Book 3 The Broadus Supernatural Society Series on Jan. 12, 2014

    When a tragic loss on Christmas Eve causes Fry to fall within herself shuting out everyone more than ever it's six months before she comes out of her shell at her husbands insistance. With a shocking new man entering her life and a horrifying other man she thought was dead can she put all the pieces together before it's too late and she looses herself once and for all? Action packed continuation to the series I loved all the new twists and truns introduced into Siofra's world. It's fun seeing more of the people surounding Fry and her support system even when she doesn't want them to help her and put themselves into danger..5 Stars
  • Siofra's Nightmare: Book 2 The Broadus Supernatual Society Series on Jan. 12, 2014

    This one starts 8 months after the last book ended and Siofra is having nightmares, well in some ways they are nightmares in others it's a guilty pleasure erotic dreams. And it's not her husband doing the pleasuring, it's a man she can't say no to her body betraying her at every turn. As she closes herself off more and more from her loved ones she is once again thrust into danger and she must decide who she can truely trust. Fry is much more downtroden in this one but it's because she's trying to protect her family. She is still a very strong lead even as she makes decisions that cause her heartache , because everything she does is for others. Conall is very understanding and does everything he can to protect his family, I love how he knows just what to say to help Fry remember who she is and who they are together.
  • Siofra's Song: Book 1 The Broadus Supernatural Society Series on Jan. 12, 2014

    Siofra suffered a great heartache losing her boyfriend right as they found out they were going to have a baby. Going on a crosscountry journey to find herself Fry ends up in Montana finding a new life with a great community of shifters. A year later and she can no longer deny the attraction she and her wolf have for Connell Johnson. Connie has been holding back for a year but he can't deny his wolf anymore, he wants Siofra. When they finally get together they realize they are true mates, the kind everyone wants to have, but most never find. Right as they become a family and finds happiness in each other it could all come crashing down when Fry's past comes crashing back in the most unexpected way. I have had fun getting into this world seeing the author describe the different people and their relationships with each other and having the supernatural element incorporated into this story. Fry is such a srtong female lead even when she is insecure I loved how she takes everything life has to offer and makes the best out of every situation living life to it's fullest. Connell is sweet and caring with just the right amount of shyness at the begining to make you really fall for him before you get to see his Alpha male ego come out. The story might be a little rough around the edges, but this is a great start to a series.