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Angelic Knight Press is the brainchild of Blaze McRob and Quinn Cullen. Both are authors who were looking for an acceptable alternative to traditional publishers and self-publishing. What better way than to create your own publishing company? And so Angelic Knight Press was born.

In May of 2011 they added their first employee, Stacey Turner. Stacey was hired as Editor. She was quickly promoted to Editor in Chief and then became a part owner in the company. Also in May, they hired Kathy Rowe as their formatting specialist. In August, another great member of the team, Rebecca Treadway, the artistic director, was added. Rebecca also doubles as our formatter. Danielle Day has come aboard as Acquisitions Editor. In January of 2014 Kim Williams-Justesen joined the Press as our Marketing Director. You can find more information on any members of the Angelic Knight Press team by clicking on their pictures on the homepage of the blog.

In May of 2012 Blaze and Quinn both decided to step down as owners of the Press. They continue to be a part of the Angelic Knight Press family, with Blaze still working very hard to do whatever is needed. He's definitely our Jack of All Trades. And the Press would not be the same without his dedication and support. Stacey Turner is now the official owner, as well as managing editor.

The first official release from AKP, Satan’s Toybox: Demonic Dolls, is a multi-author anthology, released October 2011. It is available on, Smashwords, and Drivethru fiction.
We have since released more than seven novellas, including three installments in the Southern Hauntings Saga. We've released five novels, including the first two in the Wysteria Hedge Haven Clan Series, two single author short story collections, and seven anthologies.

All of our books can be purchased through Most are also available through,, and

We are interested in publishing top quality works by both published authors and unpublished newcomers. We look for creativity, originality and storytelling talent. Please look to our submission guidelines for further clarification.

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