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My Name is Emily Tuley. I'm a mother of one, my daughter is 6 and grows more every day and becomes one of my little wonders. As it's believed she has a high functioning autism. My husband is medically retired from the U.S. Military for PTSD. So my life between the two of them is never boring. I have begun working on a novel with my sister, Kitty Bullard. She is supportive of all my endeavors and highly part of my inspiration. Our childhood was one of interest as sometimes we found it more often than not our escape. Bringing about many funny stories and escapes from everyday life. I enjoy learning new things and writing. It is a passion one of many years, Between writing, drawing , singing and my family I find plenty of joys to share not only in the stories and books but memories as well. I have one pet a cat, Though she thinks she's a dog. Her name is Fizgig. Yes I have an affinity for the Dark Crystal.

I am currently also helping my sister with her new endeavor The book club , Great minds think Aloud. It's become somewhat of an addiction to read, write and learn about all these new authors. I can't wait to read more from them.

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  • Warriors of the Cross (Warrior, #1) on June 19, 2011

    Lately I have not really had any posts saying that the book I read was generally horrible. It's been to my pleasant surprise and general enjoyment that every author I have been approached by and/or won a contest from I've had the honor of reading what I think are some good writers to come. With that being said. Normally this genre of book I've been very picky in reading and coming to enjoy. I have to say when starting this book I was pleasantly surprised at the time taken to get a feel for my view of the character and to flesh out the coming quirks that would make me adore the leading lady. With each turn of the page I became to know more about each character and not just the one that was telling the story. I started to feel that pull I get when something really good is about to come out and then it gets hidden again. That desire to keep turning the page till the end of the story is figured out. All in all this has moved up to one of my favorites in my collection. Thank you to the Author for a marvelous read.
  • Thirteen Shadows: Ghost Stories on June 27, 2011

    This book took me back to a time when I was a kid. When we all use to hide under the covers from the boogyman, listen for the monster under the bed, or in our closets. When you would gather with your family on a camping trip, or just spend the night outside with your sister or brother camping in the back yard and telling ghost stories trying to scare each other more. It's a fond and fun memory and so this book is a fond and fun read. Definately neat to know and hear some of the old and some of the new ghost stories. I suggest getting a copy and reading it if nothing but for nostalgia and the fun memories of nights and youth past. Who knows maybe you really could be reading about yourself. kidding. But it's a blast to give yourself that little bit of a scare.
  • Gravity on July 15, 2011

    I found myself clicking the button every second I could as this book pulled me in with it's compelling story. The coming of age story with a girl learning to cope with the sudden disappearance of her best friend for years and the realization that she had inherited her grandmothers gift to see the dead. The mystery unfolded more as Ariel moves through her day to day life her school year back after her friends disappearance, More people begin to disapear and more of her friends or would be friends turn on her. She makes a new friend of the new girl Theo and gets her first crush in Henry the new guy in school as she faces each drama that unfolds and tries to figure out slowly what is going on in her home town of Hell and where all the kids are starting to disappear to what they have in common with the old orphanage and why things seem to be happening most of all to her. It's the first in a series that I'm already eager for the next book in. I can't wait and hope that you all will find this just as good a read as it was for me.
  • Alone (Vampires and the Life of Erin Rose - 1) on Oct. 09, 2011

    From the beginning this book was a pleasant surprise. So many vampire novels of late focus upon the sexual drive and sensual nature of the vampires that at times I feel I'm reading nothing but one long drawn out romance novella or story that could be wrapped up in a matter of minutes instead of hours. The predictability of the story disappoints me and I would put the book down and move on to find something else. HOWEVER! I was pleased and very happy with Alone: Vampires and the life of Erin Rose. So much so that from the moment I started reading last night I did not put the book down till I had finished today. Minus the few hours of sleep I actually got. Compelling and calling for one to keep turning the pages you get to see the life of Erin Rose or what she remembers what she goes through of love and loss as well as friends and her made up family before all of this. She is a marvelous young woman that you root for every time to over come what her life has put before her. All her struggles that culminate in the ultimate decision you would have never seen of her but find yourself shouting out HELL YA! and throwing your arm up in victory for her. I am so eager for the next installation of this series of books that I want to beg the author to allow me to read over his shoulder as he types just so I know what happens next. I am usually very patient but this one.. thank you is all I can say thank you for renewing my faith in a good vampire story.
  • What Karla Wants (Wings from Ashes, #1) on Oct. 09, 2011

    This was a fast pace story and I almost wish there was a little more from the other side than the few small sections there was. Just to show the cruelty and deceptiveness that has come to grasp our young adults. It's a very accurate and sometimes disappointing betrayal of how the teen girls and guys of generations have come to be. Down right vindictive and cruel for no other reason than they can be. It's a very good story with a touching moral and proof that you need to be sure of what you want to do with your life and the choices you make.
  • A Feast of Flesh: Tales of Zombies, Monsters, and Demons on Oct. 17, 2011

    As always I love Aaron Polson's work. From the first set of short stories I had the privilege of reading to this collection as well. They are all well written and thought out even the poetry was good and gets your imagination going as you finish the stories within your mind. It's the time of year that we all look for a good scary story to share and to enjoy. This was by far no let down. From Cargo to the very last page of Down There. I kept turning the page and feeling those eerie creepy feelings when it's late at night and your the only one up in your house even the feeling that your not alone. It was wonderful fear tempting read and I think on a rainy night or a good campfire these tails would be some of the best to share with family and friends if you want a nice fright.
  • Summoning on Oct. 21, 2011

    This story pulled you in flipping back and forth following the life of Meredith. A young woman sold at the age of six by her parents to an evil vicar demanding his rent of one year he purchases Meredith for seven. The man was twisted and evil he wasn't the pure christian he pretends to be summoning the devil and making packs with him found out later with Meredith for riches and powers. It's based in Ireland in the times of witchcraft scares and paganisms downfall. Pulled in you get to experience the torture of Meredith's memories that she has to endure as she later gets away from the Vicar running from Legion AKA the Devil and the slip she has made when she summoned him for herself from sneaking and watching the Vicar in order to find her parents she lost so long ago. Compelling how she has to escape her trouble and is saved by a young man later but not before she beats the Devil at his own game and pulls herself back from the complete damnation of her soul and the horrific moments that almost lead up to her death. For those that like a nice thrilling ride it's a story you should read and see for yourself.
  • The Trees: A Collection on Jan. 10, 2012

    Book Title: The Trees: A collection of Stories Author: Todd Brabander Published By: Todd Brabander Genre: Horror (Flash Fiction) Recommended Age: 18+ Reviewed By: Emily Tuley / AngelsCryHavoc Blog Reviewed For: Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community Rating: 3 Ravens Living in the Pacific Northwest it was a treat to find this book and also have my curiosity for it wet already being as I’m originally from the east coast and some things here are every bit as intriguing as they were five years ago when I first moved here. It’s amazing how sometimes you just realize you haven’t gotten out of your home after moving as much as you thought you had. But with the little rant on the side I have to carry on with my work. The Trees is a collection of short stories each one was compelling but, one or two lacked the connection I felt that the others held in the book. I wished some were more elaborated upon I felt some were lacking in detail but others were very well written and achieved what I felt was the desired affect they were going for shock, horror, and a little surprise. Larouche: A very nice short story about the town of Astoria, the characters were intriguing and I felt that if the author had taken the time it would have and could have been stretched into a novel all it’s own, it shows the potential of the writer and what he is very capable of accomplishing even sending a few chills up my spine and creating a curiosity for the unknown. Happiness is a Dead Ladybug: Emotional pull of a story that leaves you feeling empty just as the Robot does later. It could have had more depth and filler but I felt that it was just as it should be perfectly empty it also has a moment of tension build up that has you thinking something more might just happen. Sheltered: This was a wonderful tale, the horrible thought that the children had been held captive in a cellar and that the world around them was going through a post apocalyptic uproar was intriguing only to later have it found out that their grandfather was a crazy old man that had lied to them all their lives even as far as having the granddaughter still stuck with a bit of Stockholm syndrome. The Tree: This was a wonderful story even like the character I found myself believing in the innocence and helpfulness of all the other trees and that one shouldn’t always trust what one is told… The first Date: This one left me a little baffled I wasn’t sure where it fit in and it’s ending had me a little lost with the time I took to flip back and read it again I have to admit I am not sure where this one comes into play but if we were to be left curious and a little confused it worked.
  • Broods of Fenrir on Jan. 17, 2012

    Book Title: Broods of Fenrir Author: Coral Moore Published By: Bared Teeth Publishing Genre: Paranormal Recommended Age: 18+ Reviewed By: Emily Tuley / AngelsCryHavoc Blog Reviewed For: Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community Rating: 5 Ravens We all know sometimes I take a little wander out and about and look for things outside of our normal publishers. Something that may or may not have been out there for a while and sink my teeth into it. I love to try new things and read new things. With this book there was no exception. As per my usual it is about the paranormal. Yes, it has werewolves or at least a since about them but it’s not like your usual shape shifters world. I love how Coral Moore has taken this genre if that’s what it can be called or this topic and made it sort of her own. I like how things are shown the wolf’s pack since of mind how there is a King of all and that there are laws and boundaries, traditions that are as old as the race it’s self. In a since she has done just that created a race instead of just a pack of shape shifters. She’s breathed life into something I had started to loose a little bit of hope as the mindlessness of a lot of shape shifters are so easily circumnavigated by most authors and easily dispelled away with the simplicity of the one thought that “They are pack they do not disobey. “ Nothing is cut in stone and all things chance. Brand in particular is a pleasure to read especially with his struggle to try to make himself anything but what his father was. Brand or Brandulf Gierson is set or should be the King of all the Broods of Fenrir but after he saw how his father was the cold hearted hurtful bastard of old was. He vowed not only to protect his mother but to never be like him. Unfortunately just like all heroes something bad happens before something good can come of it and that’s just it. This first book is the story of Brand and how he comes about his faults faces his fears and becomes the King that no one in the brood ever thought he would or could be. He finds love with a female Dagny of the brood with as much strength as he and it’s with their trials and the loss of a close friend that they all start the change of the broods and the future of their people.