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  • Sleight of Hand on June 12, 2011

    Plot: For a fictional novel, this book impacted me very much. I loved the entire story, from the Daniel's sudden death in the beginning to the emotional ending. Characters: As much as Daniel was a selfish man, I felt sorry for him from the beginning. I understood him and knew why he felt the way he did. He was a character that was easy to connect with. Jonah, his spirit guide, was also an interesting character that I'm glad we got to know in-depth. Setting: I liked that the people in the afterlife have the ability to change scenery at will, which made for an interesting span of settings. All of them fit well with the story without confusing the reader. Overall: I never imagined a fiction book would make me rethink my life and how I live it. This book is so heart-felt and has a message that everyone should read.