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  • The Dark Gifts Inheritance on Dec. 03, 2011

    Willow Cross’s “Inheritance” is the first book ever I’ve read of this author, and I can assure you it won’t be the last! I was always wondering why other readers were gushing about her books, until I read “Inheritance” - and I was blown away, to say the least. First off, I need to mention here, that I don’t usually read werewolf-themed books or anything related to werewolves. I find werewolves dreary and the theme repetitive; but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is not the case with “Inheritance”. After finishing the book in only a short time, I can safely say that Willow Cross’s imagination knows no boundaries. I have never read a werewolf-themed story before that has evoked such emotion from me, as this one did. Not even the werewolves in the “Twilight” Saga are as real or as beautifully depicted as the ones in Willow Cross’s “Inheritance”. Werewolves are not the only interesting characters the reader meets in this book though. Witches, vampires and a whole array of exciting characters, adds to the splendour of this extraordinary book. The non-stop suspense unfolds from the first chapter right through to the very last page; and the well-crafted plot in this book is what sets it apart from other werewolf-themed novels and makes this an outright unique read. The author’s attention to detail is evident as she succeeds in creating a homely and welcoming, but also familiar, setting for the characters to develop in; and consequently draws you into their world from the very start. Willow’s uncomplicated but clever writing style, made it possible for me to devour this book in only a few hours. At times I was left breathless by the, heart-racing action and edge-of-your-seat suspense, but what I loved most about “Inheritance” is that there are no overtly in-your-face love scenes. Characters falling in love with each other are beautifully portrayed in a subtle way and using only a few simple sentences, Willow let’s you appreciate the deep love the characters feel for each other. Saying that I couldn’t put this remarkable book down, is an understatement. There are so many things I loved about this book - believable lead characters; effortless transitioning from one chapter to the next; and a masterpiece ending - I will definitely be reading “Inheritance” again and again. Willow Cross clearly knows what her readers want; and how to keep them satisfied and begging for more!
  • Hidden - a dark romance (Marchwood Vampire Series #1) on Dec. 10, 2011

    As the first book in the Marchwood Vampire series, "Hidden" is the perfect introduction to a new series. The author masterfully balances captivating storytelling, adventure and tender moments throughout the story. Often you will ask yourself who you should trust and who not as some secrets are diligently kept for a surprise ending There are a rather large number of important characters in “Hidden”. Introduced and developed in such a skillful manner, there is no danger of the reader getting them confused. Although the narrative switches back and forth between events in modern day England and the back story in the nineteenth century, I found it easy to keep track of and understand where I was in the story. The vivid and detailed descriptions of nineteenth century France and Turkey makes you feel as though you are there, experiencing the events along with the archaeologists and their families. From the underground city in ancient Cappadocia to rural England, we are taken on an unforgettable journey of adventure, suspense and romance. The author takes the necessary time to create a believable and realistic background for the existence and very nature of her characters. She allows the characters to grow as the tale progresses: Maddy from a rebellious unhappy foster-care teenager into a responsible young adult and Alexandre Chevalier from a thoughtless Parisian socialite into a man who takes his duties towards his friends and family seriously. There are also quite a great deal to smile about, as the language barrier is hilarious at times. Imagine a nineteenth century French aristocrat with a command of some formal Victorian English, suddenly catapulted into twenty first century England. Victorian English verses modern slang? Look at this excerpt. `Do not take it too much to heart,' Alexandre said, watching her pace around the lounge. He stood in front of her and put a hand on her arm. `Your reaction was perfectly normal. Isobel would have screamed the house down and run for her life.' `Yeah, no offence to Isobel, but she's a Victorian chick and I'm supposed to be an enlightened street-wise hard-ass, not a wuss.' `I maybe understood about three words in that sentence,' Alexandre replied. `Translation ­ I'm embarrassed at being so scared of a skeleton and ashamed I treated Harold like that.' She covered her face and cringed as she remembered her over-reaction to the discovery of the skeleton.(excerpt) Then there are some humorously presented pearls of wisdom like: ‘You can't start thinking what if. That's a short cut to a shit life.’ (excerpt) The vampires in the Marchwood universe are also unique. Garlic, crosses, stakes to the heart, even an ax to the neck will not kill them. Oddly enough, the one thing that will is also the cure for the debilitating sleeping disease from which all vampires seem to suffer. When you get to the last few chapters however, you will not be able to turn the pages fast enough while you sweat and panic towards the suspense-laden conclusion. Add to this some really tasteful romance and beautiful descriptions of nature and you have a book that is an absolute must read with the promise of a fantastic new series in the making. “Hidden” receives two thumbs-up and five well deserved stars! (Ellen Fritz)
  • Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet) on Dec. 10, 2011

    If you want to read a book that takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride; simultaneously shocks and awes you, then this is it. In “Captive in the Dark”, author CJ Roberts gives us a good look at the world of pleasure slaves and their trainers. A world devoid of love or mercy; a world of traitors and revenge where only the fearless and powerful has a chance of surviving. All Livvie ever wanted was for her mother to love her, for her dreams of the handsome angel who rescued her from an evil pursuer on the street to come true; and ultimately for a pair of loving arms to hold her. She is a victim, but a victim who will fight back long after the reader thinks she is broken and crushed into absolute submission. I found Livvie’s character to be a breath of fresh air. So often female characters are portrayed as needy, clingy and weak, but she was exactly the opposite. Despite the horrendous physical and emotional torture she suffered, she remained strong, courageous and displayed a maturity beyond her years. “I want you to get up.” He stretched out his hand toward me. Weary, I stared at it for what seemed a long time, thinking of the damage waiting to be done by that hand. His calm and my fear hung between us in a thick and heavy coil. He was going to hurt me, something in me knew it. That certainty nearly numbed me. Searching to work my way into his good graces, I reached out tentatively, waiting for the snake to strike. I touched his out-stretched hand, wanting to recoil and shrink back. But I didn’t. He smiled. It was a smile that struck me instantly as both beautiful and evil. (excerpt) Caleb on the other hand does not know or understand what love is. A victim of circumstance himself, he chose power, revenge and an impossible debt to a friend, to be his final escape from victimhood. But, can he ever completely escape being a victim? Could love, the one thing he does not know or understand, make him a victim again? Having said this, I think CJ Roberts created the most realistic characters I have ever come across in a book. She allows her characters to grow along with the story; developing as well as revealing depths to their personalities, hidden beneath layers of hurt and disillusionment. "My life was a joke, to him, to my mother, to those asshole bikers! A cruel, heartbreaking joke and I was more than ready for the punch line. Ready for my life, the joke, to be over.” (excerpt) As the story alternates between the third person point of view of Caleb, and Livvie's first person point of view, the reader gets a very close look at the true thoughts and feelings of both. This highly effective style of writing serves to bring the reader deeper into the story, making it a truly unforgettable, emotional experience. The story is written with an intensity which will leave you numb; dreading and cursing the cruelty of the slave trainer and crying your heart out with, and for Livvie….. and yes – sometimes even for Caleb. Extreme betrayal plays a key role in this book. Livvie's love for her mother betrayed; and Caleb - all too aware of the ever present possibility of betrayal by his friend Rafiq, his thug helpers and even Livvie. "I let him. I was always seeking shelter in the people who hurt me the most. My mother. My father. Caleb. Like a battered dog begging for love from a malicious master." (excerpt) I truly admire the author for maintaining such a high level of emotional intensity and stomach churning tension throughout the book. Her insight into human weaknesses and raw emotions is astonishing! Yet, in spite of all this horror and cruelty, there are some heartrendingly beautiful and touching moments in the story. I give this book a rating of 5 stars - and will be waiting with breathless anticipation for the story to continue in the next book. Author CJ Roberts is definitely on her way up! (As this book deals with the subject of pleasure slaves and kidnapping in a very real way, there are scenes and subject matter which might offend sensitive readers and thus is not suitable for readers below the age of eighteen. It contains scenes of severe cruelty, deviant sexual practices and violence which, although realistic, may offend sensitive readers.) (Ellen Fritz)
  • Seeing Julia on Dec. 17, 2011

    For Julia there is the 'before' and the 'after'. In the before part she has her parents and the unbelievably handsome boy who gives her, her first kiss. In the ‘after’ she loses her parents, then her fiancée and then her husband. Now she is afraid to love and let anybody get too close, for fear of losing them too. All this sets her on a course of battling grief, self-discovery and unearthing of secrets which turns her entire way of thinking upside down. A romance with a whole lot of depth, “Seeing Julia” is not the kind of book you want to read in a hurry. To experience the depth of the emotional turmoil caused by the devastating losses Julia suffers in her life, you'll probably find yourself rereading large portions of the book. The in-depth descriptions of her heart-wrenching sense of loss, is balanced by the beautiful caring nature, and actions, of friends. The story is masterfully written in a first person present tense perspective. It brings the reader in very close contact with the thoughts and feelings of the main character. I effortlessly identified with Julia's desire to be a normal person, doing normal things, in a normal life. All she wants is to be seen for who she is and not as the widow of the highly successful businessman, Evan Hamilton. Above all, she wants to spend her life caring for her son and securing a future for him. But getting to that point, she has to undergo a journey of self-discovery. Realistic characters always impress me and in this book they are plentiful. The way in which Julia's friends supported her throughout the ups and downs of her life, was heartwarming and enduring. No matter what happened in Julia’s life, her inner circle of friends were always there to not only support her emotionally, but to also take an active role in her business affairs, and also in her love life. I recommend this novel to all who enjoy a highly emotional story that tugs at your heart strings with a main character who shows remarkable growth throughout the book. “Seeing Julia” rightly deserves its 5 stars! (Ellen Fritz)
  • Family Magic on Jan. 08, 2012

    Being a powerful witch as well as the daughter of a demon lord is not exactly the best recipe for being normal in a modern high school. Add two attractive boys and a bunch of vindictive cheerleaders and things can get complicated. Syd, the main character, transforms from being the victimized new kid in high school to an assertive person who accepts her magical powers in order to keep the leadership of the Hayle Coven of Witches from falling into the hands of some truly nasty characters. As we read this story from the main character's point of view, we are right there with her as she rebels against her mother, denies her inherent power and tries to cope with everyday high school politics. The way in which she tells her story is quirky and often funny. Her inner dialogue is downright hilarious at times! I thoroughly enjoyed the numerous versatile characters in this book - a rather special cat, a couple of vampires and a very, very old dog. And let's not forget the variety of witches, a few colorful teenagers and a crazy grandmother who can only be subdued by chocolate and tequila and who has invaluable information and wisdom for her family - during her infrequent moments of lucidity, that is. As this is the first book in the Hayle Coven series, the author takes the necessary time to introduce her readers to the characters and the world they live in. The action, suspense, Syd's teenage dramas and numerous disputes are artfully balanced by lovely moments of family solidarity, a touch of romance and some out-and-out humorous situations. The close relationship between the main character and her not-so-normal little sister is sure to warm your heart. Thus I can safely say that there’s not one dull moment in this story! Although this is a young adult novel, I would strongly recommend it to readers of all ages. I, for one, am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series by a very gifted author.
  • Have a Nice Weekend on Jan. 14, 2012

    Will is a happy-go-lucky guy with a working class upbringing and attitude. He's just a plain old Joe with no lofty expectations. At work he meets Abi, a go-getter girl from the "better" part of town, who knows exactly what she wants. As it sometimes happens in life, the odd-ball couple hit it off and got married, mainly due to Abi's overtures and efforts. They settle down to married life, which doesn’t turn out too idyllic for either of them. Abi, the go-getter, is always pushing for more in life and for Will to be more, which goes against his grain. He doesn't have aspirations, just wants to get on with living life day by day, getting the most out of life with what he has. They eventually have two children, but by the time the kids had grown into teenagers, the strain of their marriage had simply become too much for Abi to bear. And that’s when it happened. One evening Will returns home and finds Abi waiting for him, having already packed his bags! What to do now? This is an engaging work of fiction with the well and woes of a typical couple's relationship at its core. It's a great read! I especially love the characters’ real-life flaws and how “average” they are, which makes them so easy to relate to. Ian Ellis brilliantly depicts the age-old conflict and misunderstanding between the genders in a modern day setting. Although the language is somewhat crude at times, it is true to the characters and times of this story, and not over done. I also liked the fact that there is no hype; just true-life actions and dialogue. This book provides a relaxing, engaging read, suitable for both men and women. (David Fritz)
  • Compulsion on Feb. 05, 2012

    Although the new cover of “Compulsion” isn’t really my taste, the blurb did entice me to sit down and see what the story is all about. I finished the book in no time, as the author’s writing is very simplistic and uncomplicated. She takes you into the lives of likeable characters who each discover their powers, grow as persons trough out the book; and a family whose bonds strengthen as they work together to face the dangers that threaten their lives and their very existence as a coven. The author isn’t sparse with details on the characters’ every move, emotions and their surroundings which allow the reader to experience the warmth and closeness of the Moon clan firsthand. Lily, the main character, has a personality perfectly suited for the role she is given to defend her coven. She is strong, assertive and brave, but at times also emotionally vulnerable. Mason, who would give his life in a heartbeat to protect Lily, is every girl’s dream guy, and by himself a great reason to grab and devour this book. My favourite of course was Izzy the cat! “Compulsion” is Kymberlee Burkes-Miller’s debut novel and is an enjoyable, easy read which will appeal to the imagination of young adults across the spectrum. After finishing the last chapter of this magical book, the reader is left eagerly anticipating the release of the author’s next novel in this series.
  • Spell Checked on Feb. 12, 2012

    Spell checked? I think not. I have no idea where to start with this review. I somewhat enjoyed the book, but there were so many things “wrong” with it, it’s actually quite sad. The one thing I can say with certainty, is that a good editor would’ve made a world of difference. But instead of droning on and on about the things which brings down the value of this book, I’ll give you a quick run-through of the points that bugged me. Just humor me and let me have my little rant here, about a book that has so much potential to be a bestseller if the author is willing to make a few changes to it. Let’s start with the first major point which I found quite annoying: the author’s fear of using the apostrophe in all the right places. Do not; has not; was not and are not, contributed to throwing the rhythm of the book off balance. Once I started reading it as don’t, hasn’t, wasn’t and aren’t, the story read smoother and suited its characters and setting much better. The second issue I had was the grammar errors. It wasn’t overwhelming, but it was noticeable. The whole book is written in such a way as to make it an easy read suitable for young adults, but time and again the intimate scenes between the characters ended up being pure erotica with unexpected crude language at inappropriate intervals - thus making it unsuitable for younger readers. It also succeeded in creating the impression that the author wasn’t sure whether it should be a young adult novel, or a read suitable for more mature readers. Magic was used as a scapegoat to fix every situation to which the author couldn’t figure out a solution. Abracadabra and the characters got out of sticky situations in a jiffy. There was no point to the plot and not an ounce of suspense. No, really! The blurb hinted at some action and danger for the main character, but nothing happened. Mae - the main character - was trained throughout the book to use her magical gifts to protect herself and others from harm; creating the impression that she is preparing for a big battle scene or something similar. All she ended up using her magical gifts for were to heal one or two characters and to knock her lover off his feet while they were chasing after each other naked down the passages in their mansion. It was such a disappointment! The characters were somewhat flawed, in an effort to make them believable, but it was still hard to identify with them when all the difficulties they faced were easily solved with truckloads of money and magic, thus making it hard to feel any sympathy for them whenever they went through rough patches. As this is the first book in this series, I’ll rather believe that it served as a very (unnecessary) long introduction to the characters who will be the main role-players in the next books in the series. But other than that, there was really no point to this story other than character development. So why am I recommending this book with 3 stars? Because despite everything I found “wrong” with this book, I couldn’t put it down. There’s definitely something in the author’s writing that is captivating enough to grab the reader’s attention and keep it until the end of the book. This alone is testimony that CG Powell is a talented author who knows how to engage her readers, but just has to find the right rhythm for her writing style and some good advice (or a better editor) on how to add that extra “oomph” to this book. She certainly impressed me with her knowledge on technology and she has an imagination that can charm readers out of their socks! Now if only she can find a way to apply it in a more-showing, less-telling manner...
  • Not To Us on Feb. 12, 2012

    Isn’t it true that when horrible things happen to others, we are quick to think that it won’t happen to us? That’s exactly what “Not To Us” is centered on. Friends since college, Ellie, her husband and their mutual friends had it all. Each with successful careers, children and living comfortable lives, when out of the blue divorce, infidelity, breast cancer, death and betrayal swoops down on all of them, especially Ellie - cutting a swathe of destruction on many levels through her life. At one point I was asking myself: what else can go wrong in these people's lives? To add to all the upheaval in her life, Ellie meets a man who means well but causes the ultimate complication in an already out of control situation. It thoroughly baffled me that so much can go wrong between two couples - including a complete partner swop - while they still try and hang on to their friendship. The romantic relationships in “Not To Us” are masterfully described. In fact, the sweet parts as well as some of the almost poignantly sad moments often brought tears to my eyes. The romantic involvements of especially the main character is put under the microscope with the main relationship being put to the test multiple times until I thought that there was no way in which any relationship can withstand this much trial. You will have to wait right up to the end to see whether this happens or not. The story is written in the present tense and from the first person perspective of the main character, which deeply involves the reader in Ellie’s thoughts, emotions and moral struggles. This makes the whole story just that much more realistic and believable. The problems addressed are those that happen to people all the time: Ellie's best friend betraying her again and again, ensuing divorce; the onset of breast cancer; an unexpected pregnancy - and all of that within the group of friends who had been together for twenty years and more. Reading this book was quite an emotional roller coaster ride for me, as things don’t end with these trials and tribulations but declines further into more betrayal and sorrow. This is not your average quick-read romance, but a book to be read at leisure so as to enjoy every moment thereof. It touches you on different emotional levels and forces the reader to face many truths; that we have no control over our lives, no matter how hard we try. What makes the difference though, is how we deal with it. Excerpt: “It's true; my mind has already begun the slow descent into disbelief. It races with this one pervasive thought: this can't be happening, not to us.” (Ellen Fritz)
  • Witch Hunt (Book Two-Hayle Coven Novels) on Feb. 18, 2012

    If I thought the first book in this series was an absolute must read, then “Witch Hunt” must be something like a double must read! Six months along and Sydlynn Hayle is still in the same town and the same school but now has a circle of friends and even a boyfriend. She is learning to use her magical powers, enjoying her life with her friends and going to parties like any normal teenage girl. One of the parties turns into a disaster when an ancient power arises to start feeding on kids with latent magical powers. When the mean cheerleader Suzanne are possessed, and town folk and coven members start disappearing, Syd’s coven has to step in and do something about it. That is when things get out of hand. Syd's crazy grandmother, who can only be subdued by a constant supply of chocolates and tequila, continues with her antics in this book, entertaining the reader to no end. And let's not forget another contributor who adds to the magic of this story - the silver Persian cat, Sassafras, who is really something else imprisoned in the body of a cat. Once I started reading Witch Hunt, I simply couldn't put it down. The nonstop excitement, action and drama kept me sitting on the edge of my seat. As I had become very fond of many of the characters when reading the first book in the series, “Family Magic”, I was really concerned that something bad may befall one of them during this story. The dialogue is extremely well written but most enjoyable, and often hilarious, is the inner dialogue and thoughts of the main character, Syd. When she thinks of the bad guy as somebody with two god-complexes and a serious multiple personality disorder, I was shouting with laughter. Patti Larsen brilliantly combines just the right amount of action, warmth and humor in this book - something which I always admire greatly in authors. I would strongly recommend this young adult novel to readers of all ages. Once again this gifted writer has given her readers a beautiful, warm-hearted and very suspenseful 5 star read to enjoy. (Ellen Fritz)
  • Edge Of Dreams on Feb. 25, 2012

    “Edge of Dreams” is a fantastic 5 star read and the first in a series which promises to be highly exciting and truly unique. It was refreshing to read a fantasy novel for a change, which only had humans in it and no other paranormal characters; albeit humans with a difference and very powerful magical and psychic abilities which allows them to travel into parallel dimensions and manipulate time with their minds. When Ricky discovers that the people and places of his extremely vivid dreams are real, his attention is diverted from a possible life of crime to far more challenging adventures. Enter Calith, with his colorful hair and equally colorful personality, and things for Ricky and his sister may never be the same again. Ricky is not the only one who faces change as Calith also has to deal with doubt and horrific betrayal from those he trusted most. Amid all the seriousness I had to smile at Ricky's smart mouth which often came close to getting him into trouble, as well as at Calith who can throw some impressive temper tantrums. The author expertly incorporates fantasy, magic, different plains of existence and psychic powers into daily life as we know it. The unbearable suspense builds up slowly as to give the reader an in-depth insight into the worlds and lives of these exceptional characters. Although this is a straightforward good vs evil plot, the reader is kept guessing until the very end as to who are the bad guys and who are the heroes in this story. I enjoyed the friendship and close bonds shared between the characters, and it touched my heart how readily they would make sacrifices, including their lives, for the ones they love and to keep their worlds safe. The two main characters, although only seventeen, are remarkably grown-up and deal with their unusual trials and tribulations in a mature and intelligent way. A touch of romance between Calith and Ricky’s sister Louise, adds that extra sweet touch to this story. “Edge of Dreams” was a real pleasure to read from start to end. I applaud the author for her originality in creating worlds that are so well portrayed, the reader can experience and appreciate every single detail of its beauty to their fullest. I strongly recommend this brilliant read to readers of all ages. It’s worth every penny! (Ellen Fritz)
  • Golden Blood on March 12, 2012

    This totally awesome young adult paranormal romance captivated me from the first sentence. It had me alternately breaking out in goose bumps, sitting up in anticipation and smiling at the sensitive romantic scenes. Not being able to put it down, I read through it in one sitting. The kids at school call Gemma Heart a freak. Those she helps think she is an angel and Harrison Granger thinks she is the most beautiful and sweetest girl he has ever met. With a secret that has to be kept at all costs, a strict training schedule, school work and sudden dangerous missions into the past, Gemma has almost no hope of ever having friends or a meaningful relationship with a boyfriend. Harrison Granger however, thinks differently and makes it his mission to convince Gemma that not only can he deal with her unusual calling, but also that he can love her. The characters in this book - especially the main characters and their family members - truly seem to come alive in the expert hands of the author. That both main characters had perfectly normal, happy families was a pleasant change from the usual tragic circumstances in which so many key characters in other books find themselves. Harrison is any girl's dream guy. No wonder Gemma is willing to break a two millennia old oath not to lose him. The budding romance between Gemma and Harrison is sweet and beautiful and tastefully described. Gemma's family however, is not very happy with the fact that she is dating a boy who is not one of their kind. I was extremely impressed by the mature way in which the lovers dealt with this. “Golden Blood” is definitely not just a romance. As we follow Gemma from one dangerous mission to another, the suspense builds until Harrison gets involved. Then it becomes a nail-biting journey full of action and heart-stopping terror. It is a fantastic story which deserves more than its 5 stars and will have readers look forward to the next book in the series. (Ellen Fritz)
  • Midnight Hunter Book One in the Midnight Hunter Trilogy on June 18, 2012

    I had loads of fun reading this book. I can’t believe it was so far down in my to-be-read pile and it took me so long to get around to reading it. “Midnight Hunter” is a gorgeous, fun, lighthearted, sassy, sometimes terrifying, quick read! I loved the main characters, but my very favorite character was Mo. She’s fun, hilarious, super feisty and brutally honest…and she has no problem belching loudly in public places. The camaraderie between her and Donna is a familiar one, formed by way only a childhood friendship can. These characters aren’t just likeable, they’re completely lovable. The dialogue between these two girls will at times have you in stitches. But I also have to stress here that the further I got into the story, I found that all is not what it seemed. As much fun as it was being drawn into Donna’s world, and breaking out into hysterical laughter time and again at Mo’s antics, much of the story thoroughly freaked me out and had shivers running down my spine. You know those movies in which the cops in a small town go really bad and you can’t turn to them for help and they’re actually much scarier than the bad guys? This book will take you right there. And then you’ll get to the parts where some characters start acting all creepy…I’m getting chills just thinking about it. Really, there will be times while reading this novel, you’ll check under your bed - just to be safe. Bonnie Bernard’s wonderfully quirky writing style is outright unique. Laced with laugh-out-loud humor and choc-full of adrenaline-pumping thrills and chills, the author proves to have a natural knack for taking the reader on a rollercoaster ride of different emotions. So you, you and you! Whether you’re eighteen or eighty one, this book is for you. Give it a go and then come back here and thank me for enthusiastically for recommending this absolutely amazing five-star read!
  • Thicker Than Blood (Marchwood Vampire Series #2) on June 27, 2012

    If Madison and Alexandre thought their troubles were over, they were sadly mistaken. In “Thicker than Blood” they, together with their families, are once again plunged into a world of adventure, danger and life threatening situations. On the other hand we have Elia's story which is set in sixth century Byzantium. Finally it looks as though we are going to get some answers to questions which arose in “Hidden”, the first book of the Marchwood Vampire series. Answers that fill us in on how exactly the vampires came to Byzantium and what caused the strange sleeping disease that had disabled so many vampires for fourteen centuries. Not having had much time to experience life as vampires when they were newly created in the nineteenth century, Alexandre and the other Marchwood vampires only knew that sunshine - and now ultra violet light - can kill them. In this book they also discover other dangers to their existence, as well as the possibility of being put back to sleep if they are not careful. Once I started reading, I simply could not put this book down. With action and adventure and fear for these beloved characters' lives and well-being from the very first few pages, combined with suspense that just never lets up until the final page, it is not surprising that the author - who is a genius with cliff-hanger chapter endings - switches back and forth between sixth century Byzantium and modern day Cappadocia and England, with ease; thus ensuring that the reader keeps turning the pages. The characters truly come to life - Alexandre, still the nineteenth century French aristocrat, Freddy, the British aristocrat of the same time period and on the modern end of the scale, Madison and her brother Ben. Add to this variety of characters a few sixth century individuals and the story is as colorful as it gets. As all the characters are realistic - not all good or bad - the suspense becomes unbearable when a traitor seems to be working with the enemy. The author's comfortable story telling ability combined with her extremely neat writing, makes “Thicker than Blood” sheer pleasure to read. For those who love a bit of romance, the love between Madison and Alexandre is beautifully and tastefully described and will definitely touch your heart. This thrilling and beautiful book deserves more than 5 stars, and will have the reader looking forward to many more from Shalini Boland. (Ellen Fritz)
  • Yesterday's Daughter on July 15, 2012

    First off I have to say that the cover of this book is absolutely stunning. And guess what? So is the book! From reading the blurb, I thought to myself “oh geez, not another vampire love story”. Surprise, surprise! It is another vampire story, but not just any vampire story. It’s a unique tale with a different set of vampires which breaks away from the norm and takes the reader into a wonderful new world with an unusual culture and set of rules, unlike any other vampire novel I’ve read in the past few months. This author’s writing style is much different to that which I’m accustomed to, and it took me about two or three chapters to get into it; but for me it added to the beauty and style of the book. She also efficiently alternates between the different viewpoints of characters, and thus successfully avoids confusing the reader. The main character, Grace (Sapphira), lives up to her name and really is a very “graceful” character. She has emotional boundaries that few other characters in the book can breach, but she lets the reader in on her thoughts and feelings, and into her world from page one. The second main character - and Grace’s love interest - Malachi is the epitome of everything we dream to see in the love of our lives. If you’re sick and tired of reading about perfect vampires, then this is the one that will have you falling madly in love with “perfect” all over again. I’m not going to spoil it and tell you why... What also stood out for me and kept me turning the pages at a steady pace, was the background stories for each of the main role players. I found it fascinating, informative and it helped shape the characters so I could really get to know and understand them as I was following the story. Why should you purchase this book or add it to your wishlist? Because it’s an action-packed, fast paced, sweet paranormal romance with unforgettable characters and a gripping plot with an ending that makes every minute spent reading this book worth it. And if that isn’t enough, the reader can also look forward to nail-biting intrigue, mystery, tons of secrets and the devil of it all – betrayal. The dialogue is superb and suits the characters and tone of the book perfectly. I won’t think twice giving this book to my dearest friends and family as a gift. Taking into account that “Yesterday’s Daughter” is Sallie Lundy-Frommer’s debut novel and how splendidly it’s written, I am looking forward to seeing what she will offer her readers next. I found her elegant writing style unique and refreshing, and was left for days after finishing the book, with the same thought going through my mind again and again – this lady can write!
  • The Wild on July 21, 2012

    They say, be careful what you wish for, and in “The Wild” Sydlynn Hayle finds out exactly what that means. She had always wanted a normal life just like any other teenager. Now she has that; her demon taken from her and her magical power somehow bound. When Brad Peters - who had been attracted to her because of her magic and his own latent magic - dumps her, and Quaid Moromond seems to be ignoring her, she starts regretting her wish for normality. Add to this the frustration of not having her demon and her magic when the coven is in dire need of her help, and we have a very frustrated and sorry-for-herself young girl. The dreams that she and her friend Pain have, add an unexpected twist to an already exciting and suspenseful story. As is usually the case with Patti Larsen's books, I simply could not put the book down. Apart from continuous action and nonstop suspense which kept me riveted, the author has a tremendously comfortable and easy-to-read way of telling the story. I particularly loved the quirky and often hilarious dialogue. Talk about hilarious, Syd's thoughts and inner dialogue had me howling with laughter. Even while thinking serious thoughts, Syd still has a funny way of expressing things to herself. Except for normal developmental changes, the author kept all her characters' personalities consistent throughout the series so far. This helps the reader to love, understand and sympathize with all the characters - even the not so nice ones. She brilliantly integrates Syd's normal life of school, friends and boyfriends into her paranormal dealings with the coven, thus making the story so much more believable. I would advise readers to get the first three books in the Hayle Coven Series before reading “The Wild”. A huge cheer for Patti Larsen for another beautifully told story and a well deserved five stars. (Ellen Fritz)
  • Hollowland (The Hollows #1) on Aug. 21, 2012

    I started reading “Hollowland” in bed one night, and 02:30 AM the next morning I was still reading! I simply couldn’t put it down. So many things I loved about this book; where, oh where shall I start? No other book has ever grabbed my interest from the very first sentence the way this one did. As a horror fan who is thrilled by post-apocalyptic zombie themed books, “Hollowland” hit the mark spot on. But these aren’t your usual brain-dead, brain- devouring kind of zombies. Noooooo, these are cunningly clever, dangerous zombies who can move at lightning fast speed. Oh, of course they love eating brains, but that’s not where their appetites end. Pretty scary, huh? Apart from the zombie factor, there is a lot more to this book than merely running for your life. A dead, deserted and decaying Las Vegas; the most loveable, zombie-eating lion you’ll only get to meet in this book; believable and likeable characters; a freaky religious cult, marauders, an apocalypse which will make you happy to get back to reality once you can tear yourself away from this amazing book, and a tiny side-order of romance, are only a few of the elements which makes “Hollowland” an unforgettable experience. Yes, I say experience, because even though the plot moves at a rapid pace, the suspense is really what drives this story and keeps the reader glued to the pages. The superb writing created an atmosphere of dread which fed my fear for the characters’ lives. Every chapter – from the first to the last - was charged with foreboding and anxiety, but the author also deftly spun an underlying thread of hope for the reader to hold on to. I have a love-hate relationship with cliffhanger endings, but I couldn’t have imagined a better way to have ended this book than the manner in which the author did. I’m burning with curiosity to see what happens next with the survivors in book two, but I also feel that a lot of questions were answered in this book and loose ends were tied up nicely at the end. This is beyond a doubt an addictive read and I now understand why Amanda Hocking’s books have sold millions of copies. I can’t wait to read them all!
  • Shared Emptiness on Aug. 23, 2012

    I’m not quite sure what I expected from this book, but I got much more than I anticipated. The closer I got to the final chapter, the more I wanted the story not to end, because I got so wrapped up in the lives of the many different characters, their world became very real to me. This is one of those stories which takes the reader through every emotion conceivable. It even had me questioning some of my own views and opinions – not only on the matter of euthanasia, but also other topics that are touched on throughout the book, such as abortion, suicide, and extra-marital affairs, to name a few. One thing is certain though: other than “The Help” by author Kathryn Stockett, I’ve never before read a book that moved me as deeply as this one did. I admire the way in which the author skillfully uses emotion and logic to emphatically tackle the controversial topic of euthanasia, and how deftly he provides insight into both sides of the argument for and against mercy death. The reader gets the perspective of the family, the Catholic Church, and the medical profession; each with conflicting views on a widely debated subject that not only is of consequence to the victim, but also to loved ones. In no way did the author favor one view over the other and I was often left questioning my own views on this issue and feeling undecided as to what I would do if I was in the same situation and had to make such impossible decisions. Would I want to “live” in a vegetative comatose state for as long as my body held out, or would I want – for their sake and mine – my loved ones to pull the plug on the machine keeping me alive? If it is someone I love, would I let him “live” or would I be showing kindness by pushing the respirator’s “off” button? The answer seems simple, doesn’t it? But after reading this book and seeing it through the eyes of a mother, father, sister, girlfriend and other extended family members, doctors who’ve sworn an oath to let live, and a Church unfaltering in its dogma, the answer no longer seems so straightforward. I applaud the author for the manner in which he brought both main and secondary characters to life by giving each their own back-story and having all of them facing unbridgeable obstacles, as well as their own personal demons. The families portrayed in this novel are dysfunctional in every sense of the word. I easily identified with their fears and daily struggles, and once I was halfway through the book, most of them had already crept snugly into my heart. Written with emotional insight and compassion, it is clear that the author did in-depth research so as to be able to make the reader feel every emotion, as well as the hopelessness and uncertainty each character experienced. Although I’m giving this superb book a five star rating for a moving plot that oftentimes left me shaken and teary-eyed, it’s still in need of some editing. “Shared Emptiness” is a page-turner that will have a different reflective effect on every reader, leaving you with a multi-layered story and imperfect characters that won’t soon be forgotten.
  • Dawn of the Hunter - Book Two on Aug. 29, 2012

    I loved the first book in this series! I loved the author’s wit and quirky writing, loved the characters and especially loved Mo. Naturally, I was looking forward to reading book two and I wasn’t disappointed. Meeting up with now familiar characters from the first book in this series, was a blast! In “Dawn of the Hunter” the reader also gets to meet bad-ass demon Howie Evil – a last name which suits him perfectly. Howie is mean, favors guns to humans, has an appetite for human souls, is touchy about his ride, and his favorite demon is…well…Howie. Like it or not, Howie grows on you and soon he was one of my absolute favorite characters. I especially enjoyed his and Mo’s sarcastic, confrontational interactions. Donna once again proved to be a strong, take-charge character who kicks demon butt and who is a pillar of strength for her family. I absolutely adored Mo’s character in the first book because of her spunk and cynicism, and in this book she manages to take it up a notch, especially with Howie now in the picture. Cassie is another new character the reader will either love or hate. She hiccups when in distress, and is the proud owner of Thrasher – the meanest cat this side of hell. I enjoyed the story, the plot twists, the action, the in-your-face humor, and getting to be part of these characters’ lives again, I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
  • Project ELE on Sep. 05, 2012

    Twenty-six pages into this book I was already crying my heart out. Thanks to the authors’ remarkable writing, I got attached to Willow and her family in a span of only a few pages. You’re probably wondering why I cried while reading the second chapter of this book, right? Well, all I can tell you is that no parent should be expected to make such a choice as the one Willow’s parents had to make. I’m still new to post-apocalyptic novels, but this book smacked my reader curiosity spot on. “Project ELE” fits perfectly into the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it category, and the plot intrigued me from the start. Reading about our world in a time where the sun is burning the earth to a crisp through the holes in the ozone layer, isn’t too far from the truth, and it forces you to consider the horrific possibility of trying to survive in such a devastating climate. The authors took this scenario and put a few interesting twists on it, creating the F.E.M.A shelter in a dying world, but with a plethora of new possibilities within the safety of the shelter where Willow and her friends attempt to adjust to a new way of life as well as their newfound powers. The shelter Willow and her friends had to move to in order to survive, really captured my imagination. Living inside a mountain for months on end, with only a few of the amenities found in today’s world, secret underground locations discovered by her and her posse, and their developing paranormal abilities, kept my interest throughout the book. A bunch of twists leading up to a shocking, cliffhanger ending, has me excited to read the next book in this series. “Project ELE” is an intensely unique and enjoyable read. It captures the imagination and invites the reader to explore a post-apocalyptic setting with a multitude of secrets, discoveries and a good dose of betrayal. Think scientific experiments, mostly likeable but also some creepy characters, paranormal abilities, hidden passageways and caverns deep inside a mountain; and then throw into the mix a fat helping of action, suspense, and romance, and you’re onto a winner. A must-read for paranormal romance fans of all ages!
  • Dark Bites(R): Part 4 - 848 on Sep. 12, 2012

    If you’re not a horror fan, stay far far away from this book. It will give you chills and might keep you awake a few nights. I, on the other hand, am a big fan of the horror genre, so naturally I loved this 15-minute, quick read novella. Part of an anthology, “848” preyed on my worst fears and as horrifying as it was, I couldn’t stop reading. As someone who suffers from claustrophobia and a fear of falling elevators, what the main character had to endure was absolutely terrifying. The thought of lying helpless at the bottom of an elevator shaft in an abandoned building, is enough to give anyone nightmares. What really kept me rooting for this character was her will to survive and in the short space of only 28 pages, the author had me experiencing the same agonizing fear the main character did. This ghost story is the perfect bedtime read, but I have to warn you again that if horror is not your thing, you will find this short story quite disturbing. For me, it was well worth the read and a terrifyingly thrilling fifteen minutes of my time.
  • Please DO Feed the Animals ZOO on Sep. 22, 2012

    A new twist on a zoo visit, this short story was something completely different from what I’ve ever read before! But if I say too much, I’ll be giving it all away so I’ll keep my review short. This is not a read for squeamish readers, so if you can’t handle gore, then give this one a miss. For hardcore horror fans – such as myself – this novella is a delightful little treat. No plot twists, character development or doe-eyed lovers. Nope. Purely sixteen pages of all-out nail biting thrills and chills. A quick read that shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes of your time, “Please DO Feed the Animals Zoo” will leave you thinking of zoos much differently.
  • Ziggy Two Step - Courier Extraordinaire on Oct. 18, 2012

    The blurb didn’t really grab my attention, so I begrudgingly started reading this novella, expecting something mediocre and dull. Well, I was only somewhat disappointed. The story started out well enough and the first half was fun to read, but the rest of the story felt like crashing down from an adrenaline high. The last half of the story lost its momentum and left me with the impression that the author was either losing interest, or was unsure which direction to go with the conclusion. Thus the ending is especially disappointing. Ziggy Two Step is an interesting and fairly likeable character, but rather one-dimensional. The trouble he obliviously gets into is quite hilarious. The basis of this short story is unique, and had it been a full-length novel, it easily would’ve had a bigger impact. But the author tried too hard to squeeze a multi-layered plot into a few pages, which resulted in underdeveloped characters, and a plot with so much potential, simply falling flat. Overall, “Ziggy Two Step – Courier Extraordinaire” is a rather enjoyable read with lots of laugh-out-loud moments, and since it’s free for download, worth the thirty minutes it takes to read. It is, however, in serious need of more editing.
  • The Fallen Star (Fallen Star Series, Book 1) on Dec. 27, 2012

    I truly and thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Fallen Star”! Gemma, the main character, is still learning to deal with her newly awakened emotions, when Alex and his sister, Aislin, arrive at school. With their arrival, Gemma's life changes as she discovers that magic, witches, vampires and the monsters from her nightmares are real. As though that is not enough, she also starts having visions and becomes aware of some painful, scary secrets concerning her background. In the end she does not know who to believe or trust and betrayal becomes a nasty reality. This book hooked me from the very first paragraph. Non-stop action, nail-biting suspense and monsters that can freeze their victim to death, kept me turning the pages. The well-crafted characters are realistic and their interaction can be highly amusing as well as touching. Gemma's inner dialogue had me smiling most of the time and her smart mouth made me laugh out loud. The light romance between Gemma and Alex is tastefully worked into the story. Amidst the action and monster dodging there is also a fair amount of sadness that definitely brought tears to my eyes. “The Fallen Star” is, however, not just all action and monster fighting but also about coming to terms with betrayal and the testing of loyalties. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages and, as it ends with a magnificent cliff hanger, I, for one, can't wait to get hold of the next book in this series. Five Stars and a thumbs up for “The Fallen Star” and an excellent author! (Ellen Fritz)
  • Night Marchers on Jan. 02, 2013

    I’ve had this book in my TBR pile for somewhere close to ten months now, and I was really looking forward to reading it as I’ve read the first book in their Project ELE series and loved it. My impression of the blurb was promises of mystery, intrigue, suspense, and maybe a few chills. At least, that’s what I thought I was going to find in this story when I read the blurb before I downloaded this book. Alas, what I got instead was something completely different. ***spoiler alert*** Let’s see. First half of the book details Emma falling in love with Tristan. Yes, it takes 50% of the book for Emma and Tristan to meet up and fall in love. Now, y’all know I’m not a fan of romance, right? I was curious to read about the Night Marchers though, so I persevered and kept reading. Another 30% then details Emma and Kai falling in love. Sigh. OK, we’re past 80% and the Night Marchers got a few pages mention, but only as an intro for Kai to save Emma so they can fall in love. The last 20% of the book is where it picks up and gets interesting (but still interspersed with Kai’s romantic overtures and Emma berating herself for being in love with two “cute” guys at the same time). The only interesting part about the last few chapters of the book were the Menehues – a city built inside a cave with little people as its citizens. That was a really nice touch and I applaud the authors for their creativity with this. ***end of spoiler*** The characters – specifically Emma, Tristan, Kaylee, and Kai – were pretty standard characters. I kind of liked Emma, but the sappy romance really just wasn’t for me. The colorful backdrop and setting in which the story takes place, was lush and well-described. I could clearly see every single detail of the island and this made it easy for me to place myself in the story right beside Emma. Overall the writing was okay, but it’s definitely in need of some editing. A lot of the time, the dialogue felt forced and awkward, especially between Emma and her father, and made me want to cringe. Although Night Marchers ended with a cliff-hanger ending, it wasn’t enough to get me curious about the conclusion in the second book titled Redemption. From the blurb I was expecting something different, but instead had to sit through a romance novel, and the Night Marchers were a mere mention in the background and used as filler to transition between scenes. Fans of books loaded with summer romance and “cute” boy-next-door type of characters to make your heart go on a wild gallop, will absolutely love this book. Readers who, like me, expect a plot with twists, dark magic, secrets or legends, voodoo or some kind of island witchery, will be disappointed. My recommendation is that you download this book (it’s free, after all) for when you’re in need of a light bedtime read.
  • Stained on Jan. 29, 2013

    When I started this book, I went into it with low to zero expectations. I’ve read Before You Go by this same author awhile ago, and even though the writing was good, I wasn’t too impressed with the story or its characters. Once I got to the second chapter of Stained though, I was hooked. As far as paranormal romances go, the plot isn’t really new or unique, but it is exciting and in the first two thirds of the book there is a lot of action and enough vagueness which raises loads of questions and keeps you turning the pages to find the answers. Ella James’s writing flows easily and she manages to draw the reader into the story by slowly unveiling the background stories of the two main characters, which of course adds more twists and secrets to the plot. However, as much as I enjoyed the mystery and intrigue of Stained, I felt that in some places the story was rushed and there were quite a few jumps in logic. Certain things didn’t make sense to me at all and although I found the dream sequences to be imaginative and mysterious, they were also lengthy and didn’t add anything to the development of the story. I also found it strange that a two-hundred-year old character doesn’t know how to drive, but he masters this skill in less than two days and outruns the villains on the interstate, driving like a pro. Stained is the first book in the Stained Series, so I’m guessing most of the questions I still had unanswered by the end of the book, will probably be addressed in one of the next books in this series. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, and although Julia’s character got on my nerves from time to time, I still liked her as she acted the way a real seventeen-year old would. Cayne - mood-swings and all - is definitely worth the read too. Overall, this is a quick and enjoyable read, nothing too series. Judging by everything that had happened in this book, the rest of the series looks promising and I highly recommend it to paranormal romance addicts. Now I’m looking forward to reading Ella James’s Here.
  • Bound, An Arelia LaRue Novel #1 YA Paranormal Romance on Feb. 23, 2013

    The first thing that cemented my interest in this novel was the way it was written. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the end result is that I absolutely loved this story and I can’t wait to read the second and third books, which the author had also gifted me. Apart from the flowing- and meticulous writing, the story itself was intriguing and full of interesting facts about hoodoo and voodoo. By the end of the story I understood that there is a difference between hoodoo and voodoo, and I now know why voodoo is shrouded in so much mystery. In this story we also get to know the different types of spirits and what they do. It was interesting to note that a voodoo queen should not view these spirits as gods, or they’ll never allow her to treat them as equals. Right from the start when Arelia and Sabrina arrive at Darkwood Plantation, the story takes on an eerie and sinister feel. The spirits communicating with Arelia at unexpected intervals, added to the suspense. Everything in this book is unpredictable. I expected the atmosphere at Darkwood Plantation to send chills down my spine round every corner as the story progressed, but although there is a consistent sense of foreboding, the author keeps the reader riveted by painting this palatial home as an ordinary one; albeit one opulently decorated in rich colors, expensive furniture and chandeliers, and exquisite gardens that will take your breath away. The reader never really knows whether to be afraid or not. The beauty and ordinariness of the house is balanced by a family cemetery, slave quarters and an allegedly haunted swamp - where you can still hear the slaves of a hundred years ago, sing - situated on the same grounds as the plantation house. A cast of characters varying in personalities also added a lot to the overall feel of the story. There is Lucus, who hides a terrifying secret; Sabrina, the spoiled and annoying rich friend of Ariela; Ben, the cute kid who crawls into your heart and who is ignored by his parents; the obnoxious Mr Dumpty who refers to himself as “a fat guy from New York” and who is every young girl’s worst nightmare; Ivan, the handsome waiter with a bad attitude; and so many more characters who will leave a lasting impression – good or bad – on the reader. One of my favorite parts – proving again that nothing can be predicted in this story – was when Lucus offered Ariela something to eat in the middle of the night, and she challenged him to make fried Oreos. I was intrigued at this, as I’ve never heard of fried Oreos before, and Lucus’s reaction after he tasted it made for some side-splitting laughter. I recommend this book to all who is fascinated by Louisiana voodoo, its myths, and a story built on the historic slave trade. Although Bound does not build up to a climatic finale, it is filled with enough mystery to keep the reader absorbed till the last page has been devoured. At less than hundred pages it is a wonderful quick read.
  • Operation: Blackheart on March 14, 2013

    Most of you who follow my reviews know by now that I purchase a book based on its cover and I almost never read the blurb. This book was the exception. The cover didn’t sell it to me, but the blurb and title sure did. I should also mention that I’m not one for historical fiction either, so the attraction to this book for me was more the mystery element as to what relic these soldiers would discover and of course my suspicion that it might have something to do with the occult as it is rumored that Hitler took an interest in it. The story starts on a mysterious note with an old priest giving Captain Daniel Ryder - an all-American farm boy GI - a strange cross hanging from a chain, on the day before Daniel is shipped out to fight Hitler. Along with this strange cross, he also gives Daniel a sinister warning: “You’re the one…There is death over there. Death that stalks many. Stalks you.” By this point in the chapter I was already hooked and had a couple of questions in desperate need of answers, so I soldiered on. While the priest were giving Daniel the cross and these warnings, he was also interrupting Daniel’s last date with his girlfriend, Genevieve, with whom he was breaking up before going to Germany to fight in the second world war. The moment the cross was pushed into his hand, Daniel instantly had a feeling that he wasn’t going to return from this war. There are so many things I enjoyed about this book. It’s not solely focused on the main character, but also tells the story of each of Captain Daniel Ryder’s team mates while they’re out on their secret mission to recover the Nazis’ lost relic, which they have no idea what it is. They only know that it has the shape of a coffin and every recovery team sent to the crash site by the Germans, don’t return. Throughout the story I felt part of Ryder’s team and I felt the same fear they did each night they were chased through dark forests by mysterious, terrifying wolves with glowing eyes. I experienced their terror and felt like jumping out of my seat and shouting at them to watch out when they spent a night or two in deserted ghost towns in the middle of nowhere, far from civilization; not to mention the small village with the freaky people who buried their…well, you’ll have to find out for yourself. A gazillion weird things happen to the soldiers while they make a few bizarre discoveries in this village. By the time they came across an abandoned house in the middle of the woods which had close to a hundred crosses carved into its stone walls and a dead Nazi with a petrified expression on his face in the backyard, I was so twisted up in this plot with all its intrigue and suspense, I couldn’t read fast enough to get to the conclusion. It was that or risk heart failure from all the adrenaline pumping through me. Not only did I feel what they did, but I also got to know each of these eight men thanks to excellent character development meticulously done by the author. The suspense ate away at me as this group of GI’s discovered a traitor in their midst, and even more so the night they spent in the bell tower of an abandoned church in the middle of a thunderstorm, being hunted by a killer who also stalks them in their dreams. So much happens in this book that all the things I mention here is only the tip of the iceberg! I suppose some would classify this as a horror, but as a huge fan of horror I’d still recommend it to readers who aren’t fans of the horror genre. Don’t get me wrong. This story is downright scary, but I think fans of historical fiction and paranormal addicts will enjoy this book immensely. If you’re a gamer (like me) who finished both Wolfenstein games, you’ll have a pretty good idea what you’re letting yourself in for reading Operation Blackheart. This story is not predictable and it doesn’t have a happy ending for some of the characters, but it does come to a superb, feel-good conclusion. It’s the first book I’ve read written by this author and I’m looking forward to reading many more of his books. Thrills and chills, and a read with a macabre twist that will take you back in time and place you in the center of World War II; this splendid novel by Jonathan Brett will without a doubt keep you awake for hours!
  • Gravity on June 20, 2013

    If there’s something that frightens me in a paranormal story, that would be ghosts - the whole flickering lights, knocking on the walls, and cold, evil presences - Gravity has it all and more! Ariel Donovan, the main character, is literally haunted in her dreams by her friend, Jenna, who disappeared mysteriously. When these visions start happening when Ariel is dizzy or unconscious and she starts catching glimpses of more recently disappeared people, Ariel knows that something ominous – even evil, is going on and that she has to do something about it. The ability to see ghosts that Ariel might have inherited from her grandmother is, however, not as glamorous and exciting as people may think. Although action, spine-chilling incidents and moments of true suspense are liberally spread throughout the story, the true magic of Gravity for me lay in the absolutely scary, spooky descriptions of hauntings and the things Ariel sees and experiences. The author's highly realistic descriptions managed to create a sinister atmosphere that had me closing the book well before dark. Even though the characters are well crafted and believable, the male protagonist, Henry Rodes, irritated me a bit with his rapid and frequent attitude changes. Ariel however, disagrees with me and finds him the personification of all her romantic fantasies; to the point that it got on my nerves. Apart from this mild annoyance the author kept her characters within their age group and allowed them to still be kids. This story focuses on the problems that teenagers have with popularity, pressure from parents, favoritism from teachers and financial and social standing within the community. I found some of this truly heart breaking and especially so for the under dogs. Although the story has an underlying tone of sadness and loss to it, there fortunately are times that you will laugh out loud. Gravity is one of those books that keeps you guessing right up to the end and would be a suitable read for young adults as well as adults who love a good, suspenseful ghost story. (Ellen Fritz)