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Smashwords book reviews by Angie K

  • All Wrapped Up: A Collection of Christmas Short Stories on Jan. 10, 2013

    I loved all of the stories! Jenna did a great job and I am looking forward to reading more of her books!
  • Before the Moon Rises on March 06, 2013

    I enjoyed reading Max and Janet's story. I am looking forward to reading more books in the series.
  • Cataclysm Blues on March 06, 2013
    (no rating)
    This was a good story and I hope it gets developed.
  • A Hell Hound's Fire on April 04, 2013

    I enjoyed this short story.
  • C791 (Futuristic Romance) on Jan. 08, 2014

    Joe, Seth, Solus and the other cyborgs look human, but have computer processors in them and are able to communicate wireless. Joe and Chloe meet and it seems like it was meant to happen, but as things unravel they realize that Chloe isn't what they originally thought. Joe helps Chloe work through her feelings just like Chloe helped Joe. Joe was so sweet and protective with Chloe. I liked the twist with Chloe.
  • Sweetheart in High Heels on March 23, 2015

    This was a good short story about Maddie trying to give her husband a Valentine's present that would mean a lot to him.
  • Lone Star Justice on May 14, 2015

    Maddie has a killer after her and her daughter so she runs back to her hometown. She has to explain to her old boyfriend that they have a daughter and why she left fourteen years ago. This was a really good suspense story. I wasn't sure who the killer was right away, but this story had a few twists and turns that I didn't expect.
  • Charmeine on May 15, 2015

    This was a good story about Charmeine and Tab. They were separated for years, but when they find each other again they realize they can't live without each other. They have to fight to be together.