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Anil Chawla (born 1959) qualified as a mechanical engineer from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India but is a philosopher by vocation and a lawyer by profession. He writes primarily non-fiction on various social, political, philosophical and life-related subjects. His works are an expression of his philosophical thoughts. He is known for his modern approach to Hindu religion. He writes in English as well as Hindi.

Smashwords Interview

Are you an engineer or a lawyer or a philosopher or a researcher or management expert or author? How do you describe yourself?
I am all of the above. I work as a lawyer and market researcher for earning my bread and butter. Philosophy and religion are my passions. My work as an author is an expression of my passion. Undoubtedly, the analytical and systematic approaches learnt by me during my education as an engineer and lawyer remain with me when I write.
Philosophy seems such an esoteric subject. Are readers interested in philosophy?
Yes, philosophy does sound esoteric. Unfortunately, most academic philosophers are not readable and that puts off people from philosophy. I am not an academic philosopher. I do not write to impress other teachers of philosophy. I always write for that person who thinks and asks questions. Philosophy, as I see it, is an attempt to answer basic questions about life and dilemmas that one faces in life. As a philosopher, I am committed to make my best efforts to help my readers understand the world around them in every way. Even when I write history of a country, I am looking at the minds of the people of the country or of the period. In this way, my gaze as a philosopher is like that of a roving camera which looks past geographies, time and most importantly into the minds and hearts of human beings. Philosophy in this form is interesting and readable. The readers do not shun it as an esoteric heavy subject but love it as something close to their own life, their own observations and their own hearts.
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