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Smashwords book reviews by Anjoka

  • Ice on Nov. 27, 2012

    Set against a back drop of survival, this tale involves two very strong minded characters fighting to survive their own mounting feelings for each other. There’s not much that they can do about the situation they find themselves in, but battling their own emotions could prove to be more damaging than the snow storm that has trapped them. The author has done a fine job in setting out the two characters personalities early on, so that we can understand their reactions to situations as they arise. The pace of the story telling is compelling, drawing the reader into the story from the start, so that it’s difficult to put the book down, and you find you don’t want to. You become invested in the characters and want to see how they cope, not just with the survival aspect, but also with their inner emotions. Descriptively, the author also hits the right note, by not dwelling on too much descriptive imagery, that can sometimes be too distracting, but keeps it to a necessary level, showing the reader, rather than telling them, of what is going on. This gives the reader the feeling they are actually watching the scenes being played out in front of them. Ultimately, it’s a story of survival and unrequited love that finally wins the battle over both. But what will happen when they are rescued? I leave that for you to find out. A highly recommended read & I look forward to more from this author!