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  • One Thousand Years to Forever on May 04, 2014

    Katherine MacNamara was in the elevator on that fateful September 2011 day. She calmly gets herself and the other occupants out when the power fails, and begins leading them down the stairwell where her firefighter husband, John is on his way up. He can't convince her to continue down to safety with the others. She is determined to be with him even though it's a death sentence to do so. Colum O'Heachthanna is suddenly there and picks Katherine up to take her to safety. As she is kicking and screaming, John and Colum lock eyes in a silent conversation. In a few seconds, certain knowledge and promises are exchanged. John knows this is a one way trip for him and his beloved Katherine is now with the one she has always belonged with. Colum vows that he will take care of her and her three young children. At Johns grave side, Katherine is beside herself with grief & anger, so when she sees the news van there she marches over and on camera, challenges and threatens the terrorists that took loved ones from their families. Colum is watching from the side lines ever vigilant in his promise to John. Ever patient, he won't lose her again. Twice before in the last thousand years he has lost his beloved Katherine, his Queen. He had to wait for her to be born again and grow up each time only to helplessly watch her die because he was too late to save her. This time he will not let her out of his site. His father wants to step down and make him king, but Colum refusing to before his queen is by his side. This is where their story really begins. What is Colum? And who and what really is Katherine? The answers just blew me away! This is a love that not only defies time but transcends thorough the ages! I am going on to read "I've Been Waiting For You" .......Start reading and catch up! I promise you an amazing journey!
  • I've Been Waiting for You on May 17, 2014

    This is really Odin and Sally's story but there is so much that goes along with that, from past, present and future it brings several stories into play. This large cast of characters are as always with Mary's work, very well developed. I found myself absolutely charmed by some while I felt the evil resonate with others. I felt the love of family, the unbridled passions of the love between mates and the inconsolable devastation of loss. This is the continuation of the first story, " A Thousand years to Forever " Which like this one is so far from the norm of your typical paranormal, vampire romance, you just get caught up and carried along throughout the whole journey with more twists and shocking surprises. We meet spirits, witches, vamps who are part fae and or part fallen Angel who all have their own series of mad skills. Oh yeah, did I mention the terrorists? Yeah, we have them too! I am so looking forward to the next book, " Redemption at Midnight"....I just have to see what happens next!