Anna Coy

Smashwords book reviews by Anna Coy

  • In Too Deep on June 05, 2013

    I received a copy of 'In Too Deep' in exchange for an honest review. I recently started reading paranormal genre and this book is another reason I am glad I did! This book has a lot of characters, but I believe it is a great introduction to them because this is book one of the series. I love when authors do this because they don't need to be reintroduced in the following books. The main characters in this book are Fallon (druid), Brody (werewolf), Slater (werewolf), Jess (werewolf) and Hayden (Earth Fae). With a few other minor characters thrown in. There are bad vampires, were animals, shadowstalkers, and mages. I had no clue what most of these beings were. Thank 'Goddess' for a reference! Fallon is one bad ass chick! I seriously want to be like her when I am grown up! She rides a Harley, she can heal people and she has mad tattoos! For sure a bad ass! Within a few pages of the story, we are introduced to Brody... And wow, wow, wow! You can feel the chemistry between these two just reading about their emotions when they are around each other. Can we say fireworks?!?! Then we are introduced to Slater and Jess, who are mates. Jess is also one of Fallon's best friends and a clairvoyant. Yes, she is a bad ass too! Fallon is driving away from her past. Her ex-boyfriend, Isaac (Weretiger) is a cheating piece of crapola and she finally left him, in the past. She had no idea where she was heading, but Jess did, and it was right for Brody. Jess has it all planned out..... And it was going all according to how she saw in it her visions. However she didn't see everything. Will Fallon's past come back and bite her in the ass, and I really mean bite?!?! And that is where I am going to stop! I do not like revealing everything! This book is a must read. There is girl drama, jealousy and HOT STICKY SEX! The sex scenes were quite yummy and now I have a craving for caramel. There is action and things that happen that makes you wonder can that really happen or really wish that could happen. The characters grow and evolve into stronger characters by the end of this book.There are a few areas that are a smidgen rushed, but it didn't really effect the overall flow of the book. I love how humans and other beings interact in the same world like nothing is different about them. I honestly can't wait to see what is in store in books to come in this series and the other characters in the books!! 4.5 out of 5 stars!!!
  • Shadows of the Past on Oct. 15, 2013

    Just when I thought a series could not get any better, bam! Ms. Brandy does it. I absolutely love this series any who, but OMG I could not put this book down. I actually read the prologue TWICE! The storytelling and history in this chapter was the perfect setup for the rest of the book. I'm hoping that it's a little hint of something to come?!?! Shadows of the Past takes place right after Shadows Fall. Lets just say, that Amethyst doesn't have the best welcoming to Edenton. She is pulled over for speeding and she placed into cuffs and hauled to the police station. And that is where Hayden starts getting soft! I absolutely love Amethyst. She is kind of the complete opposite of Jess and Fallon. It's nice to have a someone who isn't so overpowering all the time. However, I think it does hurt her a little bit because people don't think she can handle her business. Hayden... At first I was like OMG. Please don't let Ame hook up with him. He was kind of a dbag in the first books. Maybe it's because he is the Sheriff, that he comes across as a hard ass or maybe it was me. I did grow to like him as the book progressed and in the end, I love him, like I do all the guys from Edenton. I believe I was the most upset about Preston. My heart broke from him. Please, oh please, write a book for Preston. He needs a HEA. However, Hayden and Ame do make a very good couple. I do love them. So... Ms. Brandy... 5 + stars. Seriously. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book. Paperback please! I think I might have to invent a new rating scale for your books. *I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion. This is my opinion, my thoughts, my words.