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Anna Markland is a Canadian author with a keen interest in genealogy. She writes medieval romance about family honour, ancestry and roots. Her novels are intimate love stories full of passion and adventure. Following an enjoyable career in teaching, Anna transformed her love of writing and history into engaging works of fiction. Prior to becoming a fiction author, she published numerous family histories. One of the things she enjoys most about writing historical romance is the in-depth research required to provide the reader with an authentic medieval experience.

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  • This Heart For Hire on Jan. 12, 2012

    If you like historical western romances, you’ll love This Heart for Hire, by Elysa Hendricks. At $3.99 this more than 100,000 word story is great value for money. Elysa takes us, and her hero and heroine, on a harrowing odyssey across Texas and New Mexico. Her descriptions of the landscape are rich, and you can imagine yourself travelling with them. The journey is fraught with dangers, both physical and emotional as Jake tries to come to terms with his past—the memory of which has been stolen from him by the after effects of a head wound. After her strict religious upbringing in a convent, Christina too struggles to cope with the hardships and new fears and emotions she experiences. Her journey is one to self discovery and acceptance. The author doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities that people faced in the time she is writing about. Murder, violation, family betrayal, hunger, thirst, brutality, torture, and greed all conspire to separate our hero and heroine. It’s a plot with many twists and turns. I’m not usually a fan of westerns, but I recommend this one. Jake is my kind of hero!