Annie Nadine



Annie grew up and currently resides in Newcastle, Australia. She is the youngest in a family of six and very much enjoys her solitude. She hated school with a passion and found it tedious beyond compare. She would much rather spend her time in her fantasies opposed to, a sometimes boring, reality.
She began her love of writing in her early teens with poetry. She branched out to novels in her late teens and though poetry is still a love of hers she finds herself becoming more lost in her novels as the years pass.
Her aphorism for life is: Dream. Believe. Do. So much so that it is now living as a tattoo on her arm. And her personal motivator which is also one of her tattoos: ‘unless’…because there is an ‘unless’ to everything in life.
She likes to keep her biggest dreams a secret, a special treasure just for her to reflect on. She believes in being all that you can be.
Your dreams are out there if you only go searching for them.

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