Annie Robertson


Born in St. Louis, Missouri and now residing on a small farm in southwest Missouri, Annie Robertson is an award-winning two-dimensional artist and sculptor. Developing methods and formulas for her sculpting over the last 30 years has brought her to a point where she would like to share these unrevealed methods and recipes to her readers. She says unfortunately established artists are sometimes unwilling to share guarded secrets with the novice artist. Whether her readers are novice or more mature artists, Annie states her methods and formulas are equally helpful to all as she has not seen these demonstrated anywhere else. Her favorite story is of sculpting a very detailed box turtle with a tire track narrowly missing the tail end of the turtle entitled "Making Tracks." Sculpting the tire track turned out to be easier than she thought - she took the clay outside and ran over it with her car! She states that an artist always has to be open to any and all tools in creating - even if it means running over it with the car. Enjoy Annie's first book "Yes, You Can Sculpt" followed by her second book "Yes, You Can Make Latex Molds" and finally with her third book "Yes, You Can Cast Reproductions of Your Own Sculptures." From book #1 through book #3, she provides her readers with a project of sculpting a plaque, making a latex mold from the sculptue and finally with her very secret formula for casting reproductions.


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