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Smashwords book reviews by annmarwalk

  • Point of Knives: A Novella of Astreiant on July 29, 2012

    When I began reading this, one of my first thoughts was, "Oh no! I've been Kushnered!", remembering how in Swordspoint Richard and Alec are presented to us a couple, denying us the delights of the earliest days of their relationship. Point of Knives does almost the same thing - several instances of "Nico and Philip had gone to bed a few times", and "Nico and Philip had had a brief affair..." I wanted details, dammit! But it all turns out just fine. In Point of Knives Nico and Philip think they are going to engage in a brief affair while they are investigating a crime together. As soon as they have things sorted out, they'll end it, no problem, they are both very mature and man-of-the-world about it. Their love scenes are delicious, full of warmth and humor and a bittersweet tang. (The theme of "Autumn" the end of things, is interwoven very well.) The world-building is just as rich and detailed here as it was in Point of Hopes. What a gorgeous world, and a fascinating one! The intricacies of the matriarchal society were particularly interesting . I was touched by the plight of the "motherless boys", abandoned by their mothers to be raised solely by their fathers, and how Philip holds that feeling of abandonment even as an adult. . I'm so glad that Lethe Press is reprinting these books; I'm looking forward to rereading Point of Dreams, and sincerely hope that Melissa Scott will continue the series. I've fallen in love.