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  • Reincarnation and the Evolution of Consciousness on Dec. 17, 2013

    Recommending this book to readers who are either familiar with or novitiates to the concepts of reincarnation and karma can begin with this question: If you wish to know about a foreign land that you know little or nothing about, which one method would you choose to learn about it? a) Read about and research the foreign land from authors who have never lived, visited or experienced that land; or, b) Read, listen to and ask question of someone who actually visited and experienced that land? I'm sure most people would choose the latter if given the opportunity. And this is precisely why I prefer Diane Goble's book on reincarnation and its envelope of knowledge about the after-life, the Divine, and why we are eternal souls moving through eternal vistas and lifetimes to reach a destination she aptly defines. Unlike so many authors on these subjects who are journalists, academics, theorists or compilers of other wisdom-teachings and opinions but possess little or no personal experience with the topics, Goble's presentations are based on experience of the greater reality she describes and what that greater reality - the one that encloses us and includes this one - taught her. Having read many other books by this author, I feel this book, while more succinct, condenses the others. In short order, I learned about her life before the sudden near-death experience; her travels through the "after-world" with an accompanying companion spirit; what she learned about her present lifetime; its purpose; the effects of karma on it; how it changed her life; how she became propelled to gift others with knowledge she learned in a "flash" - a flash that lasted seconds or maybe lasted eons while her body was drowned under a raft and "dead". Why are we here? Where do we go when we die? Why do we suffer? What's it all about anyhow? How do we fit the jigsaw pieces together and see the big picture? What is that picture? Goble's spiritual mission was to write this book and the preceding ones. If you have never read Diane Goble, this succinct book will lead you to the others. Remember: Diane Goble WAS "there"! And someday, you will be there too. This concise book will serve you because it is intended to serve you. "Good choices dissolve karma; bad choices create new karma," writes Goble. This book is a good choice.