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  • Star Wars: Split Horizons on Oct. 01, 2012

    Read through the first book, awakening, loved it. Saw the chapters u put out on your blog, read it too. When I saw on facebook the whole book was out, i read the rest in one night. very cool book, where is the third? i bet its awesome too.
  • Star Wars: Awakening on Oct. 01, 2012

    really cool book.
  • Star Wars: Hunted on Nov. 15, 2014

    wow just wow. can i give this 6 stars? that ending, the fights, the twists, what a book! i read a lot of stuff from the EU but i wish disney could look at this. srsly can disney read this already? anakin is awesome, padme is awesome, adani is awesome. if u want a gripping ending to the prequels, this is it.