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The first time Anton Marks ever put pen to paper, he was in third grade, Sheffield, Yorkshire and his adventure story written in one of his exercise books – with text and drawings – was doing the rounds through the primary school ranks, causing a bit of a furore. The story eventually went on to get a gold star from his head master, who recommended he tone down on the implied sex and violence next time. Even then the confines of the steel town was stifling him and his parents who were home sick after twenty five good years in England decided it was time to go back-a-yard.

Anton’s true adventure was just about to begin.

Because he considered himself an outsider he absorbed the island completely. Its customs, superstitions, language, people and with the enthusiasm only a budding observer of human nature could. Those experiences coloured his writing ever since but he had some challenges to overcome and some more lessons to learn.

His love for reading came from his first ever set of children encyclopaedias lent to him by a Jesuit Priest Fr Tom Ball and which set off an unrelenting chain reaction of questions. Growing up in Jamaica it was almost impossible finding fictional authors who he could identify with and who wrote not just about the subjects boys all over the world demanded but about exciting experiences he was intimately familiar with in the Caribbean. Miss Lou – Louise Bennett - was one of those Jamaican authors, he admired who popularized the mythos of West Africa in the guise of the spider God Anancy and was the first person to make Jamaican patois - Jamaican dialect – expressed in written form. With her unique poetic skill and her mastery of written patois, Miss Lou wrote some absorbing short stories about Anancy’s comic escapades.

Still that did not stop him from reading the plethora of fantastic books and comics available from the Sav-la-mar Public Library or the bookstores in his seaside home town. And his love for the science fiction, adventure, horror and crime grew.
So did his love for the silver screen.

Jamaica had a thriving cinema going public who were captivated by the Shaw Brother epics from Hong Kong as well as the Hollywood blockbusters from the States. Imagine all of these influences all flung into the Dutch pot of his consciousness and you have the eclectic style of Anton Marks.

His first novel Dancehall, published by the X-Press was unique crime thriller that had dancehall reggae as a backdrop and followed the rise of a talented DJ Simba Ranking from the politically volatile ghetto's of Kingston, Jamaica. Imagine an action thriller with the character dialogue being in Jamaican patois. Nothing had ever been done like that before and the readership bought it in droves.
His next novel In the Days of Dread – a futuristic thriller - had arrived after a hiatus of five years due to his challenges with the publishing world. Bushman a crime thriller was released in 2007 and 69 a futuristic erotic thriller was released 2008.

2013 will be a continuation of great things as Anton rolls out a Charlie’s Angels type supernatural thriller called Bad II the Bone, a young adult fantasy book entitled the Last Prince of Alkebulahn and the second in the Bad II the Bone series Good II be Bad.

There are so many stories to tell and only a finite amount of time to write them all in. For all those who don’t know him, in time he hopes to remedy that.

Anton Marks is the freshest and most dynamic voice to come into the literary firmament for years and hopes his stories of Urban Fantastic will excite and thrill.

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Bad II The Bone Teaser Trailer
Bad II the Bone have been ordained with the power of the Watunza Mwanga – legendary guardians of the light who have protected the balance between good and evil since civilization began. Once again they are brought together to prevent supernatural murder and mayhem on the streets of London.


Bad II The Bone
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 113,540. Language: English. Published: September 11, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Horror » Occult
Y, Suzy Wong and Patra are ordinary women who share extraordinary mystical talents. Talents that they must use to battle an evil that threatens the cosmic balance and their financial freedom. Darkman - a Jamaican Vodun of unspeakable power is seeking revenge. With the aid of suave Detective Inspector Shaft the girls must face their greatest fears to stop a tidal wave of evil engulfing London.

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