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  • Joshua's Song on July 31, 2016

    I wish I had this book in hand following the loss of my sister and mother. It would have helped to bring meaning and purpose to what otherwise seemed a senseless tragedy while instilling healing, courage, and faith in my own life. Joshua’s message to his mom - as well as to the rest of us - is that our loved ones continue on after death, that they remain next to God and next to us, that they hear our thoughts and prayers, and interact with us, even though we are often unaware of their presence. "Joshua’s Song" is beautifully written - sweet, poignant, heartfelt, and profound - a spiritual anthem for anyone who has lost a loved one and even those who have not. Re-reading its passages provokes continuous spiritual insights and a deeper awareness of God’s love and patience with us as we struggle to learn our lessons here on Earth. I love this book and want to give everyone I know a copy!!